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“My new go to spot. It’s half way on my way home from work. Love the free valet parking in the back. The staff is awesome. Never had to wait to go in back but if I did one day, the waiting room is awesome. Great selection and prices. Love it here” –Yelp user

“I’ve been coming here for a few months, never been disappointed. Regardless of budget, they always have something. And most important, the buds you’re getting are legit, they are what they say they are, and you can ask them for the genetics. Perfectly grown, perfectly flushed, perfectly cured, everything. Always high quality. Best shop on Ventura BY FAR, and I’ve been to all of them.” —Yelp user

“The waiting area/lobby is by far the nicest I’ve seen of any of the dispensaries I’ve visited. I have every intention of giving them my business whenever possible.” —Yelp user

“Hands down best experience I’ve had at any dispensary. Amazing selection of medicine. Very helpful staff, in and out in under 15 min. Definitely going back.” —Yelp user

“Everything about The Higher Path rules. I will not go anywhere else. I like to buy a top-shelf eighth every few days, and I have not found a single place in the entire city of Los Angeles where I can do so for $25 other than The Higher Path. They sell “budlet” eighths of top-shelf bud where the nugs are just a bit smaller than usual. It’s a no-brainer, if you live around here you should just switch over to The Higher Path from wherever you currently go.” -Jonny (Weedmaps)

“I’ve been on a quest to find the best collective in the SFV and L.A. area. I slowly got around to the Sherman Oaks area and found The Higher Path. Wow! From the moment you walk in, you’ll sense the peace. Really nice waiting area and the girl at the front had a genuine warm smile and a nice greeting for everyone who came in. I’m a cancer survivor (Testicular Stage 4 8/2012) and I’m very picky about getting the best medication possible, in a clean safe environment, at a reasonable price. This place wins 5 GOLD Stars from me….This is the collective you will want to go to for your questions about how cannabis can help you. If you’re new or not, this place will impress you like it did me. It’s also the collective you’ll want to go to for the absolute freshest and most potent medication in California! I’m pretty much done trying new clubs. The Higher Path wins!” -Brad (WeedMaps)

“Best decor of any collective I’ve been to. Great style. The art speaks for itself. Extremely friendly staff as well.” -Treevor (Leafly)

“This is my main spot, mostly thanks to the quality of medicine and the amazingly knowledgeable and friendly staff! If you don’t come here at least once you’re missing out!” -blumpking (Leafly)

“Thank you once again for your marvelous help with my 95-year-old mother…In one week we were able to get her off of six prescription drugs including hydrocodone! She seems to be able to manage her pain quite effectively. Because of Olivia’s kind and patient help, we were able to come up with a pretty effective way of managing my mothers extreme chronic back muscle spasm’s!  I added the digital timer to her Walker to help remind her of being consistent with ingesting the CBD’s. She has gone from having her back muscle spasms seizing her up for 1 to 2 hours with such excruciating pain that tears roll down her face. Now, she takes one or two puffs from the CBD oil during the day, then is able to relax her restless syndrome legs in the evening by taking a couple of puffs of the hybrid!! One hour before she goes to bed, she takes a 10 mg redfish THC infused gummy. This little innocuous candy has allowed her to sleep at least six full hours a night. Normally she would walk endlessly around her apartment in the middle of the night because the opiates had made her so drowsy during the day–she was up all night. My sister, who has been a nurse for 45 years, is finally A convert for our new self-medication regime! She worked with our mother for three years of the traditional hydrocodone and prednisone therapies including spinal blocks, acupuncture and massage that failed to work. Even in a room full of people, our mother would constantly nod off in her chair while lively conversations were going on around her all because of the narcotic effect of the opiates and other drugs she was on. Even though our mother still complains a bit, this is a remarkable turn of events for her.” -Gary J

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