Cannabliss Strain Release at The Higher Path

On Thursday April 20th, Eric Bellinger will be in the lobby of The Higher Path celebrating the release of his new strain “Cannabliss” from 4:20pm-6pm!

Check out Eric Bellinger’s NEW ALBUM “Cannabliss”


4/20 Specials at The Higher Path

Celebrate 420 with The Higher Path on Thursday April 20th from 10am-8pm!
Remember, you MUST have your valid MMJ recommendation & California ID to enter the collective–NO EXCEPTIONS!

Week of 4/20 Deals at The Higher Path

Join us for a WEEK LONG celebration of 4/20 at The Higher Path!

Starting Monday April 17th at 10am, we’ll be offering great deals to make sure your 4/20 starts & ends on a high note!

The World of Art & Glassblowing – How Cannabis Use and Sculpture Intersect

The art of glassmaking is an ancient practice that dates back to the Late Bronze Age: anthropologists believe that Ancient Egyptians or Mesopotamians made the first glass vessels around 1500 BCE. On the eastern edge of the Roman Empire, the Phoenicians invented the technique of glassblowing around 500 BCE. Their new technology caught on quickly […]

Cannabis: A Creative Catalyst

Ask any creative cannabis user why they started using the plant in the first place, and a good number would probably tell you that it helps broaden their imagination and allows them to view things “outside the box”. After so many years of simply stating these conclusions with little evidence or research, other than the […]