Cannabis and Love

Dating On Cannabis

In today’s American society, marijuana legalization has become one of our great hot button topics. And with its many benefits, it’s slowly losing its taboo reputation. Unfortunately there still remains that stigma that weed has been associated with, which can continue to make our interactions with others downright difficult. Like it or not, many folks […]

Oh my! Can cannabis actually give you better orgasms?

Since the launch of Foria and other cannabis infused lubricants, the ongoing debate on whether or not cannabis can enhance your orgasms and all around sex life has been the talk of the town. It’s a well known fact that marijuana has the power to uplift our minds and fill us with euphoria, but can […]

Molly Peckler: Helping Cannabis Consumers Cultivate Confidence in Life & Love

It’s the start of a new year & many of us are focusing on ways that we can improve our lives. Whether you’re looking to simply improve confidence in yourself or enter the world of dating & relationships, life coaching can be a fantastic tool—but what if you have to hide a portion of your […]