In today’s American society, marijuana legalization has become one of our great hot button topics. And with its many benefits, it’s slowly losing its taboo reputation. Unfortunately there still remains that stigma that weed has been associated with, which can continue to make our interactions with others downright difficult. Like it or not, many folks are still not too keen on the idea.

With the Valentine season upon us, our fellow pot smokers are finding it difficult to navigate the murky waters of the dating pool. In a modern age where finding your match is as easy as a swipe of a screen, it’s easy to cast off someone for a lifestyle that includes pot, medicinal or otherwise. In terms of modern dating, customized courtships are more popular than ever. There are dating sites specifically catered to folks with food allergies, equestrian lovers and farmers. So it isn’t surprising that sites like High There, 420 Singles and My420Mate are making their debut.

But what if we meet someone we’re attracted to who isn’t overtly open to cannabis? Happily, there are ways to breach that topic and still come out on top. The key is being able to have the conversation in the first place. After all, we want to find that person who wants to glimpse at who we are in the first place. So long as you both understand that pot is not for everyone then dating does not mean that you have to stop or they have to start. Half of the fun of dating is learning. So teach them and learn in return. The more you know about marijuana, the better you can help that person understand why you enjoy/need it. If you meet someone who’s willing to have that dialogue with you, you’re already halfway there. If you’ve met someone or have built an online profile with the objective to meet someone, be upfront and honest. If you try to hide your interests in marijuana, or anything for that matter, then the more likely you are to self incriminate yourself when you’ve done nothing wrong. We have to be the ones to shake the bad juju, and they have to be ones to open themselves up enough to be accepting of new lifestyles. And once you both have finally cleared that awkward obstacle, you can move on and learn even more about each other.  Who knows, you might surprise each other and find out that you had more in common than you thought.

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