Eat Your Weed

We are chock full of cannabis-laden edibles and we take that responsibility very seriously. Many of you might have had a bad experience with edibles and we want to help you find your correct dosage to ensure that never happens again.

Remember, it takes at least a half hour to digest an edible enough for it to permeate into your bloodstream and take effect so don’t increase your dosage before that time frame ends. Typical users start with 10mg and work their way up (or don’t, stay there if you want!) so starting small is always recommended.

Our personal favorites? Kiva bites, Breez Mints and Baked Goldfish because you can take a 5mg or 6mg piece and add to it depending on how you feel.

For more advanced edible users we have cookies, brownies, Cheeba Chews and others to take it up to 50mg a dose.

And for those daredevils we have Kiva Bars at 180mg and more up in the triple digits.