You Can Put Your Weed In This

If you like to roll joints, smoke bowls or pipes, vape concentrates, vape dry herbs or just light up a pre-rolled joint that we just gave you, we’ve got the gear for you.

Our glass is excellent quality and we keep a rotating shelf of high-quality, unique pieces. We carry pipe cleaners and solution as well as screens, metal and glass, to prevent you from losing your weed through the combustion hole. We also carry Bic lighters and gold bar lighters, just in case you feel like James Bond sometimes.  Interested in a dab rig? We’ve got those, including nails and dabbers.

If you like to vape you’ve come to the right place: we’ve got essential oil vapes, dry herb vapes, 510 thread batteries for pre-filled cartridges (of which we have a ton) and disposable vapes that come with their own cartridges.

Basically, we’ve got a little somethin’ for everyone and we can advise even the most sophisticated smokers on how to use anything we sell.