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CBS This Morning

“Stakes high as California poised to vote on recreational pot”
On July 12th, 2016 The Higher Path was featured live on CBS This Morning in their first piece about recreational cannabis legalization in California on the November Ballot. CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal reported live from The Higher Path to introduce the segment. (from CBS This Morning)

Dope Magazine

“High Fashion Versace: The Strain of Luxury”
“When you have a parental lineage consisting of Sour Diesel, OG Kush and GDP, you stand out in the world of sativa-dominant hybrids. Such genes deserve a name that is reflective of the traits that accompany the strain. Versace, an in-house strain grown by The Higher Path Collective is just this.” (from Dope Magazine)

Elite Daily

“Here’s How To Throw An Epic Marijuana Edibles Party”
“It’s important to have variety at your edible party. Variety is the spice of life and all. Take a trip to your preferred dispensary, and go buck-wild. My preferred merchant is The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks. They stock weed pop-tarts, multi-flavored lollipops (strawberry-banana) and weed popcorn. Make sure to grab a few different strains, dosages, and taste options. Let’s be honest; edibles aren’t always the most palatable item you can put in your mouth.” (from Elite Daily)


“Tender of the Week: The Higher Path”
“In the sprawling concrete jungle that is Los Angeles sits The Higher Path, a Sherman Oaks medical marijuana dispensary that upon entrance transforms into a serene garden. The collective opened three years ago, when owner Jerred set a goal of bringing the wellness-centric vibe of Northern California to SoCal. MERRY JANE stopped by to chat with Ariana Bean who has worked at The Higher Path since it opened.” (from MERRYJANE)


“Seed to Strain: SF Dragon’s Breath”
“In this edition of Seed to Strain we meet Jerred, creator of the the fiery SF Dragon’s Breath, which is said to be the perfect bud for a creative daytime high. Jerred entered the cannabis industry as a grower nearly two decades ago in Northern California. He later opened the Higher Path dispensary in Los Angeles to bring the wellness-centric vibe of NorCal to Hollywood.” (from MERRYJANE)

Capital & Main

High Times: Scenes from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Pandora Young recently visited two medical marijuana dispensaries in downtown Los Angeles and in Sherman Oaks. This may be the last summer when recreational pot possession is a crime in California – if Proposition 64 passes in November, medical marijuana dispensaries will no longer be the only legal way to obtain and use cannabis products. One of the dispensaries represented here – Sherman Oaks’ Higher Path Collective – is a union shop, a fact that could become part of the larger reality of the state’s post-Prop. 64 marijuana landscape. (from Capital & Main)

LA Weekly

Best Dispensary 2016

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve been voted “Best Dispensary” in LA Weekly’s “Best of LA 2016”! “Weed enthusiasts know CBD is the new THC, which is why the Higher Path feels like a breath of fresh air. It offers a wide variety of CBD products in addition to its THC oeuvre.” (from LA Weekly)


“Bud Box with The Higher Path”

“The Higher Path is a place where aficionados can benefit from the highest levels of expertise, but the staff warmly welcomes first­ time medical cannabis patients and enthusiastically guides them through the process, products and recommendations. The Budtenders understand that many people turn to cannabis for a wide range of medical issues, and their first­class knowledge of strains and products is always shared with compassion, patience and the highest standards of privacy. They take the time to learn their patients’ exact needs and then ensure these needs are met.” (from PROHBTD)

LA Weekly

“LA Weekly Los Angeles Marijuana Guide”
“The Higher Path has created a glistening collective that’s attractive, especially to women, manager Colin Stewart said. “We want a high-end shop because new patients have this trepidation. We want to make it women centric. Our client base is primarily female along with a lot of millennials.” (from LA Weekly)

Dope Magazine

“Dope Magazine Review: The Higher Path, On a Quest to Educate”
“The Higher Path dispensary is located in a prime Ventura Boulevard sweet spot in Sherman Oaks and is aiming high, for sure. It could easily have been called Higher Education since educating its clientele is what this dispensary is all about…Kiloh tries to get to know the lifestyles and habits of his patients so he can better choose strains or other products to suit each of their needs. He also aims to educate his community and his staff, who undergo a comprehensive training regime. Once hired, they are required to write for the newsletter, maintain a blog, and are encouraged to read and write reports on the source material—all in an effort to best serve the community.” (from Dope Magazine)

LA Weekly

“10 Best Marijuana Strains at L.A. Dispensaries”
“#5 Gucci from The Higher Path: A good name for one of the most Gucci dispensaries in the San Fernando Valley. There’s a gorgeous skylight in the pharmacy to help you better see the products. Not only does the Gucci strain look marvelous, it contains all three determining factors in this rating game: smell, taste and impact. While you’re there, check out The Hunger Games chair in the waiting room and the check-in area with its burled, redwood opening. It’s lavish in a Mother Nature kind of way.” (from LA Weekly)

Dope Magazine

“Dope Magazine Review: Gucci Strain”
“Full-bodied and well balanced, Gucci is a grown up fruity treat and my tongue savored the taste. Like an apple-flavored Jolly Rancher with a kick, Gucci is meant to be enjoyed. Smooth going down, it can be compared to a fine cognac. The strain is aged to perfection and did not disappoint.” (from Dope Magazine)