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Chill with the Grill: Pair BBQ Recipes with these Cannabis Products

Grilling is the essence of summer, and in the age of legalization, barbecuing brings even more heat. Whereas signature dishes of the season like succulent ribs or burgers were satisfying before, the power of THC is capable of unlocking hidden notes of flavor that may not otherwise be noticed. To go with your next grilling excursion into great BBQ recipes, we’ve picked out some of our favorite cannabis products that are guaranteed to uplift any mood.

BBQ Recipes + Cannabis Product Pairings to Elevate Your Feast

Pork Chops with Glaze

BBQ Recipes 1


While the go-to meats for BBQ recipes seem to be beef and chicken, pork holds many advantages of its own. These sauce-glazed pork chops are ample proof, as any will admit when you pass them around at your next outdoor grill. With a marinade that is both tangy and sweet, it will be hard to find someone whose tastebuds are not thoroughly satisfied.

Pair with: Kiva’s Dark Chocolate Almond Terra Bites offer the perfect accompaniment to savory pork chops, and taking just a few about an hour before eating will easily bring about a happy, hungry body high.

Sweet Cola Ribs

BBQ Recipes 2


For those in search of a tender meal, the sweet cola ribs recipe featured above does the trick. The use of soda as a base for marinating meat is an age-old tactic, but this recipe includes several other unique and intriguing techniques that serve to make the actual experience of dining on these ribs memorable.

Pair with: The Root of It All manufactures a line of specialized tinctures, ideal for portable use and discrete application at any barbecue or poolside gathering. In particular, their THC-rich “GO Tincture” will dazzle the mind and the soul with its vivid sativa effects.

Marinated Chicken and Onion Kebabs

BBQ Recipes 3


Kebabs are a fun way to fire up the grill, and it’s hard not to enjoy the classic combination of flame-roasted chicken and onion. While the kebabs can be easily appreciated on their own, the addition of grilled pita or flatbread may be considered as a means to level up your plate. Likewise, fresh hummus or yogurt sauce works well as a flavorful complement.

Pair with: Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops from Absolute Xtracts. What’s a BBQ without a brewski? These hops will complement the flavor of your grilled foods, while elevating them in a totally different way.

Pulled Pork Barbecue

BBQ Recipes 5


Pork chops are maybe the most common means of preparing pork, but these pulled pork sliders are a BBQ recipe deserving of anyone’s attention. Topped with a hearty helping of coleslaw, it’s likely that any who tries one will soon be on their way back for another.

Pair with: S’mores Bites from Satori to provide the perfect summertime snack to go with grilled creations. Each bite contains only around 5mg THC, so while experienced cannabis users may find themselves digging in, newer consumers will be satisfied with one or two s’mores.

BBQ Recipe Sides

Want to up your BBQ game? Why not make some infused mac ‘n cheese as an inspiring side? Simply replace the butter in your recipe with cannabutter to uplift your recipe. You can also do the same to make some creamy mashed potatoes.

BBQ Recipes 6

Or if you really want to impress, why not make some infused BBQ sauce? Just be careful how much you slather on! (And put it on after grilling your meat.)

Don’t Forget the (Cannabis) Drinks!

Whether you prefer fizzy drinks or a soothing tea, a cannabis beverage can be a fun way to add a pick me up to your backyard feast. Check out cannabis coffees, lemonades, and more to find the perfect pairing for your menu.


Have a sweet tooth? Stock up on Peanut Butter Brownies and Churro Krispies. Yum!

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