Live Resin

Are edibles not hitting like they used to? Have you tried live resin?

What is live resin anyway?

And what is it about live resin edibles that makes them so damn good?

Live resin is a concentrate made during the harvesting process. A grower will wait until trichomes show signs of perfect ripeness. They then chop the cannabis plant and immediately flash-freeze it away.

Freezing the plant preserves trichomes, the appendages on a cannabis plant that produce and store the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids. (If you’ve read this article this far, do yourself a favor and brush up on terpenes right here.)

Did you know that live resin has 100% more terpenes than traditional distillate? The extraction method brings out the best of the strain, meaning you feel the actual experience the specific strain offers. If you’ve smoked a blue dream or a wedding cake and thought, “Smoking is the crème de la crème; this is the best experience I’ll ever get,” think again, my friends.

Edibles stay in your system longer and have a stronger, more omnipresent feeling in your body. As a result of having such a pure extract, live resin edibles are more potent. I didn’t think that was possible since 10mg is 10mg, but they hit hard!

Currently, we carry two types of Live Extract Edibles on our shelves: Live Resin and Live Rosin. We’ll start with my favorite gummies of all time, Kiva’s Lost Farm Live Resin, and stick around to find out about the industry’s new featured find, Live Rosin.

Kiva’s Lost Farm Live Resin Gummies

Crafting edibles true to their strain, Kiva launched a line of mind-shattering edibles called Lost Farm. When creating these delightful sweets, they wanted patients to experience the true feeling of world-renowned strains, without having to smoke them.

Lost Farm has the most diverse strains of any live resin edible manufacturer.

Every other month, they release some of the most classic edible flavors and feelings we’ve seen. Some examples include Cereal Milk, Blue Dream, Chem Dawg, Wedding Cake, OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Gelato, and Legend OG… to name a few.
They come in two different forms, Fruit Chews, and Gummies.

Fruit Chews have a striking resemblance to your childhood favorite starbursts. They have a subtle hint of cannabis, which is rare for live resin edibles. Their gummies come in a small tube and are still soft chewing gummies coated in a thin layer of sugar.

Lost Farm gummies are also 100% plant-based, making them even more irresistible, clashing against the traditional gelatin-filled edibles we’re so used to. Did we mention Lost Farm gummies are also Full Spectrum? Kiva uses every single part of the plant when making these edibles for you to fully experience every aspect of the plant. If we told you, you would be surprised how much is wasted in the production of traditional edibles.

Since these are full spectrum, Lost Farm is creating an experience some call a “true to plant high.” So let’s recap, Lost Farm has created a live resin edible, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of a strain without smoking it. They made the gummy full-spectrum, offered over a dozen classic strains, and made it plant-based and affordable?

Lost Farm edibles are priced the same as any other regular gummies on the shelf. For 100mg total, you’re looking at about $22 pre-tax for a pack of some of the most delicious treats money can buy (in a dispensary). Treat yourself and indulge in a magical stroll in the land of Kiva’s Lost Farm, your new favorite place.

Good Tide’s Live Rosin

Although similar in name, live rosin gummies are more than a swap of vowels. Rosin is created through a solventless method (what they use to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant). Some may argue that live rosin is “cleaner” than resin. This all lies in the technicalities of extraction, and we wouldn’t want that to ruin our good vibes, so we’ll get back to these Good Tide’s.

Good Tide’s live rosin edibles are also a magnificent challenger to Kiva’s Lost Farm edibles. They are made with natural fruit and are 100% plant-based. Good Tide went the extra mile for the planet and designed fully compostable and recyclable packaging. Their wholesome vibe continues as their company has been climate neutral certified, a feat one can be proud of in the cannabis industry.

Unlike Lost Farm, Good Tide only has 3 flavors to choose from. This is great for someone like me who can’t keep from selecting the same one I got last time. Still trying to figure out how to feel about live resin and rosin gummies?

At your favorite local dispensary, The Higher Path, give us a chance to show you how much we love them.

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