CBD pioneers Care By Design have been perfecting the craft of CBD extraction for close to 10 years. Care By Design is a California CBD brand known for its commitment to producing consistently clean, pure, and effective CBD products. As one of the oldest CBD brands around, this California brand has been relied upon by countless people for their CBD needs.

Care By Design: Deep Roots

Before the cannabis boom, companies like Care By Design struggled to find high-quality plants suitable for extracting CBD. By 2013, the team had finally found what they were looking for: excellent strains that were packed with enough CBD to extract. So they did what anyone would do. They immediately began planting acres of healthy, clean, CBD-rich plants to grow under the warm California sun.

CO2 CBD Extraction

When Care By Design first started upon their mission, cannabis extraction was a mystery to most people. Few people actually knew how to properly extract cannabinoids like CBD.

After looking to other industries for guidance and direction, Care By Design first settled on using a process that is commonly used to decaffeinate coffee. But just a few years later, the Care By Design team were able to develop their own ‘cold-pressed’ CO2 extraction method that isolates and unlocks not only CBD, but full-spectrum CBD that also contains terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoid acids, and other cannabinoids. The final result is a line of CBD products that is not only effective but also clean and free of impurities.

Quality Over Quantity

Care By Design’s commitment to quality doesn’t just stop at extraction. All of their CBD products are produced in a pharmaceutical-grade clean room to protect from any possible contamination. Additionally, many Care By Design products are mixed with MCT oil for increased absorption and contain added plant-based terpenes for extra therapeutic benefit.

You can rest assured that every Care By Design product is lab tested to guarantee purity and potency. The production process incorporates testing at three different points. First, the original plant material is tested to ensure that it is free of pesticides and other toxins. After extraction, the oil is tested to make sure that no impurities have been passed on during the extraction process.

Care By Design provides a wide assortment of CBD-ratioed products, starting with 1:1, then crescendoing from 4:1, 8:1, to 18:1. There’s a ratio for every type of user, to start backwards and move down to a tighter ratio, or to maintain their consistent dosage over time.

Lastly, the final product is tested to ensure that its purity and potency is up to par with Care By Design standards.

Hemp-Derived CBD

Care By Design offers both cannabis-derived CBD products and hemp-derived CBD products. If you prefer hemp-derived CBD then you’ll want to make sure that your CBD is extracted from hemp grown with purity and cleanliness in mind.

Why is purity so important when it comes to CBD?

Because hemp is a bio-accumulator that is known for sucking up anything and everything that exists in the soil it is grown in. This means that hemp plants grown improperly may contain any number of impurities ranging from heavy metals to pesticides. Thanks to Care By Design’s careful choice of hemp and their advanced extraction processes, you can rest assured that each and every Care By Design hemp-based product has been produced with the utmost care and attention.
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