Cobra Cannabis is a cannabis brand specializing in the production of premium high-THC cannabis. Cobra’s top-shelf flower is grown with purity and quality in mind. Their super potent and terpene packed buds are not only effective but also enjoyable to consume. And the best place to grab yours is at our Sherman Oaks dispensary!

Cobra Cannabis: High-THC Cannabis

Cobra Cannabis has dedicated itself to producing high-THC cannabis flower. Cobra produces dispensary-quality flower at a great price point so that everyone can enjoy their tasty buds. Plus, you can generally expect Cobra’s flowers to clock in at around 20% THC, with some reaching as high as nearly 25%.

Why high-THC cannabis? While some people love the high they get from potent bud, others find that high-THC cannabis helps them better manage their pain. Keep in mind, though, that high-THC flower isn’t for everyone. If you’re susceptible to getting paranoid or anxious from cannabis, try lower THC products instead. If you do choose to indulge, make sure to start slowly and wait before taking an additional puff or rip. 

Bite-Sized Buds

Alongside their regular cannabis flower tins, Cobra also produces cannabis tins that are loaded with “bite-sized buds.” Cobra Bites are small cannabis buds that are the perfect size for grinding. No need to spend a bunch of time separating your bud from the stem. And because they have fewer stems and more trichome coverage, these smaller nugs are actually a better high for your buck than larger buds. Best of all, these nugs have a high THC content and a strong terpene profile making them not only a blast to smoke but also a joy to taste.

Mind-Blowing Prerolls

What’s the point of having all that flower if you’re not going to roll it up?

Cobra Cannabis packs their beautiful cannabis flower into tightly-rolled prerolls that are ready to enjoy straight out of the package. True to their commitment to only sell high-quality high-THC cannabis, each Cobra preroll is loaded with Cobra Cannabis that features a THC content of 15% or more. If potency is a priority when it comes to prerolls, look no further than Cobra Cannabis!

Prerolls are great for trying out different strains and brands, and Cobra Cannabis doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get the same great flavor as their other products in a convenient, discreet joint.

If you’re interested in tangoing with the Cobra, check out our online menu to see what’s in stock.

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