Cosmic View – Herbal Healing

Cosmic View is a cannabis brand that specializes in the production of therapeutic cannabis tinctures and balms. Owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, Cosmic View aims to harness the healing ability of the cannabis plant in order to improve the quality of life of people all across America.

A Story of Hope

Cosmic View’s story began when founder Nicole faced an endometrial cancer diagnosis in 2017. Through her journey towards survival, Nicole gained a new appreciation for the cannabis plant and its healing properties. Together, Nicole and her mother, a former UC Berkley professor and cancer researcher, teamed up to create a range of effective CBD products based on scientific research.

Nicole and her mother are passionate about helping people to navigate the health issues they’re struggling with. Through Cosmic View’s products, they hope to share the healing potential of the cannabis plant with those that need it most. 

Whole Plant Healing

Cosmic View’s award-winning cannabis products are made with whole-plant cannabis extracts that take advantage of the entourage effect to produce potent therapeutic effects. Whole-plant extracts consist of more than just CBD, they also contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds. Thanks to their added effect, whole-plant extracts are preferred by many people seeking therapeutic relief.

Quality Ingredients, Quality Products

The recognition that Cosmic View has received over the years is not just a testament to the quality of their products, but also to the quality of the ingredients they contain and the processes that they are produced by. In fact, Cosmic View’s Deep Down Athletic Balm recently won gold at the 2019 Emerald Cup.

Cosmic View does their due diligence to ensure that the farmers they work with are using organic farming practices. As for the extraction process itself, they rely on cleaner extraction methods like supercritical CO2 extraction and rosin pressing that reduce the amount of terpenes and phytonutrients lost during extraction.

Cosmic View performs product testing at several different stages of the process. In addition to testing the cannabis used for extraction and the other ingredients used in their oil, they also test the final product. Cosmic View’s products are meticulously tested for potency, pesticides, solvents, microbes, and heavy metals. Just ask them for a lab report!

Cosmic View Tinctures & Balms

Cosmic View produces a range of CBD tinctures and CBD balms that are infused with whole-plant cannabis extract, cold-pressed virgin olive oil, and a combination of other herbal ingredients. From their slumber tincture to their skin salvation balm, Cosmic View’s products are designed to help with several different conditions, symptoms, and problems.

Looking to try out some of Cosmic View’s tinctures or balms for yourself? Check out our online menu or drop by one of our storefronts for a selection of CBD products today!

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