Juniper – Sungrown California Cannabis

Juniper is a cannabis company from California that is quickly gaining a reputation all across the West Coast for its outstanding cannabis flower and signature cannabis prerolls. Juniper’s sun-grown organic cannabis will blow your mind and delight your senses!

Juniper – Cannabis From The Family Farm

Juniper is a family-owned cannabis brand that grows its cannabis on a farm that has been in family hands since 1992. These second-generation cannabis farmers seek to carry on the proud tradition of cannabis growing in California’s Humboldt County.

Humboldt County has been home to cannabis growers since the ‘60s and is known for producing some of the finest cannabis in America. This region, with its rich soil, rolling fog, and magnificent greenery is great for growing cannabis. And Juniper’s farm is perfectly located for growing incredible outdoor cannabis.

At an elevation of 900 feet, the farm enjoys coastal winds and day-long sunshine. Plants are grown in rich organically-amended soil and are watered with clean spring water. The cannabis plants grown on Juniper’s hillside farm benefit greatly from the influence of the coastal environment and the large redwood, fir, oak, and pepperwood forests that surround it.

The result is a clean, aromatic, tasty, and potent cannabis flower with a uniqueness that can be smelt, tasted, and felt. Juniper’s buds feature rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles that instantly set them apart from other brands.

Juniper’s cannabis flower is cultivated by a small team of growers dedicated to cultivating cannabis organically, sustainably, and with integrity. By paying attention to detail and using only small-batch cultivation, trimming, and curing techniques, the Juniper team is able to consistently supply beautiful hand-trimmed flowers that are not just potent but also a delight to consume.

As an added bonus, Juniper does not include any trim in their cannabis bags. You’ll get nothing but mouthwatering top-shelf cannabis buds in your Juniper bag!

Premium Prerolls At Affordable Prices

Juniper’s outstanding prerolls have been described as a “joint smoker’s joint.” These prerolls are well put together, do not run, and produce a smooth and enjoyable joint smoking experience.

Juniper’s premium packaging speaks to the excellent quality of the cannabis contained inside. Each and every Juniper preroll is packed with Juniper’s exclusive in-house AAA California-grown cannabis flower.

Since the Juniper team closely controls every step of the production process, you can rest assured that each Juniper preroll has been produced with the care and integrity that this small family-owned company prides itself on!
Best of all, Juniper’s prerolls can be had at a very affordable price point, especially when compared to other California prerolls.

Looking to try out some of Juniper’s incredible cannabis flower or exquisite prerolls? Check out our online menu and order online today to get your hands on some of the best cannabis California has to offer!

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