Kanha Gummies are widely considered to be the best tasting infused gummies in the cannabis industry. People love these gummies, and Kahna premium gummies are some of the most highly sought after cannabis edibles in California. Why? Because these high-quality gummies taste great and are made with the best ingredients.

Better Ingredients, Better Edibles

Kanha prides itself on producing safe, delicious, and reliable gummies that are sure to have your mouth watering. Kahna infused gummies are made with only the highest quality cannabis oils derived from premium cannabis flower.

Kanha’s oils are lab-tested several times before being infused in order to ensure safety and potency. Plus, the cannabis flowers used to produce these gummies are grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, resulting in a safe, delicious, and dependable final product.

Made from all-natural ingredients, Kanha gummies are a burst of flavor with every bite. Gluten-free and containing no food allergens, each gummy is just 23 calories.

Award-Winning Gummies

Kanha gummies were recently recognized as the best-selling gummy in California for several months in a row – a testament to how much Californians have come to love these delicious cannabis treats. Additionally, Kanha recently won the CAS Award for Best Formulated Edible – a nod to their commitment to purity, potency, and flavor.

What kinds of gummies does Kanha make?

Kanha Gummies

These classic gummies come in a wide variety of flavors and are available in sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties. The signature gummy that made Kanha famous, these gummies are made with all-natural flavoring and coloring. Flavors include strawberry, pink lemonade, mango, cherry, pineapple, ruby grapefruit, watermelon, blue raspberry, and peach. Yum!

Kanha Nano Gummies

Using nano-molecular technology, Kanha has created the Nano Gummy, an edible that kicks in incredibly fast – oftentimes within 15 minutes. The cannabinoid particles packed into these gummies are smaller than a wavelength of light, resulting in increased bioavailability and absorption in the body. Nano Gummies are available in Passionfruit Paradise (indica), Cran-Pomegranate Punch (sativa), and Sublime Key Lime (hybrid). Available in regular 10 mg portions and microdose 5 mg portions.

Kanha Vegan Nano Gummies

Kanha’s Vegan Nano Gummies are just like their regular nano gummies, only vegan. These one-of-a-kind gummies are the cannabis industry’s first-ever, fast-acting vegan gummies. Despite the change to vegan-friendly ingredients, these gummies maintain the same delicious flavoring and soft texture as other Kanha gummies.

Kanha CBD Gummies

Kanha’s CBD gummies are formulated for medicinal purposes and contain a mixture of CBD and THC. These gummies come in several different ratios including 1:1 (5 mg THC/5 mg CBD/5 mg Melatonin), 4:1 (10 mg CBD, 2.5 mg THC), and 20:1 (10 mg CBD/5 mg THC). From sleep to pain and anxiety, there’s a Kanha CBD gummy to help manage whatever ails you.

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