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Budtender Review: Mackenzie

It is my duty to do an honest budtender review and that is what this is. No one paid me to write this so it is 100% honest. Also, I am very high.

Budtender Review: Dr. Norm Rice Krispy Treat 

Budtender Review of Dr. Norms Rice Crispy 100mg

I am going to give this treat a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars based on its taste and quality of high. Listen here folks, 100 mg doesn’t do anything for me anymore; my veins are filled with cannabis. HOWEVER! This 100 mg crispy put my high tolerance on its arse and I wanted to share the wealth with all of you.

Yes, I did eat the entire thing and yes, it did take me a while to finish due to how rich and sugary it was. It was a thick boy, so be prepared to be munching on this for a while unless you are impatient like me and want to feel the high as soon as possible so you chug a glass of water in between massive bites.

I did not taste a lick of THC, nothing at all .The only taste was pure nostalgia from the days of homemade rice krispy treats.  As for the high, it traveled through my body first and I could feel it in my toes! My entire body felt warm, relaxed, and not tense at all. Once it reached my head I could not stop smiling — I looked like a complete fool! Everything became hilarious and my mind was care-free for the first time since I was seven years old.

The high was so pleasant that I wished I could stomach two of them at once, but it would’ve been too much to eat. Anyone who has a high tolerance and misses that first giggly high that you used to get should try these, hands down!


Napalm 100 mg Milk Chocolate bar

Budtender Review of Napalm Cannabis Chocolate Bar
First off, I want to preface this by saying I ate the entire bar and got pretty high off of it. I usually need 200 mg to really feel goofy/silly high, but this bar alone did the trick.

Secondly, the taste was superb, and by superb I mean I didn’t taste any THC ( I am so picky so this was a nice surprise). Also, there was a little flame on each square and I liked it! I am a sucker for small details, what can I say!

Basically, I would buy this. Actually, I would buy two and eat both at once. Easier to finish than Kiva or Papa & Barkley (I like both of those products but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to finish a massive chocolate bar to feel something)! I felt so silly off of this, it was such a pleasant high! We haven’t decided to carry these in-store yet but I think my review just might sway us to!