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Cannabis Delivery From The Higher Path Is The Best In LA

Why should you choose the Higher Path cannabis delivery over other services?

Cannabis delivery services have picked up in popularity over these past few years. You could be avoiding the paparazzi’s blinding lights or simply stalling LA’s winter weather. Whatever your reason may be, your favorite dispensary has taken the measure to offer the best cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles. Cannabis delivered straight to your door, could it get any better? You bet it can. Not only do we deliver to your door the same day (and for free with zip code minimums!), but our drivers are also fully informed budtenders! Enjoy the full-spectrum service our shop has to offer.

Benefits of The Higher Path’s Cannabis Delivery Service

Informed, Professional Budtenders

What’s so special about delivery from us? The product comes to you, and so does the shop. Delivery is just the icing on the cake.

Your order is delivered by one of our friendly THP budtenders. They’ve spoken to customers, gotten feedback, and most have even tried the same products you’ve ordered. Whether you’re just ordering your favorite eighth, or trying a new tincture, our delivery staff will do their best to answer your product-related questions. How strong is the product? Are there any terpenes in this strain? Is this for daytime or night-time use? We’ve got you covered.

And if there are a few questions you forgot to ask during your weed delivery, you can always reach out to the shop. We have a live help desk agent from 12 pm to 8 pm every day ready to answer any and all questions. You can also schedule a consultation for a meeting over the phone, zoom, or in-person with an experienced cannabis expert!

Same Day Cannabis Delivery

We do offer same-day delivery. Sometimes even at the same hour, depending on your location and time of day! Our delivery service stretches from 10 AM to 9 PM. We highly recommend placing your orders before 6 pm for guaranteed same-day delivery. Place your order, and you get a notification from our budtenders the minute they leave the shop.

As we’re actively expanding our delivery range, you may find the current zip codes we deliver to here. Before ordering, please check the order minimum, as some closer zip codes require a $50 minimum whereas further deliveries require a $100 minimum.

Customer’s Attestation

Ready to hear from our customers? Here’s a word from Hutton from Westlake. She’s been ordering delivery from The Higher Path since the beginning of the pandemic:

“The delivery team is always so professional and pays attention to every detail. I’ve ordered countless new items over these past two years just for the fun of it. I’m always so excited when they tell me how much I’m going to enjoy myself! Delivery systems are usually so messy in LA, but not The Higher Path. I know I can always count on the shop’s delivery team service.”

Tips for your first cannabis delivery order:

Payment options
We offer a few ways for you to pay the minute your order is delivered. The first is our favorite, cash. When you pay cash, you avoid the $3 fee that our debit machines charge. If you don’t have time to run and grab cash, you can always pay by debit. Our machines work just about anywhere (trust, we’ve put them to the test). You may use any other form of card payment, as long as you know your pin. Don’t have cash or card? No worries! We’ve adopted a wonderful system called Paytender. Go to on your phone and follow the prompts to sign up. Once you’ve linked your bank account, simply present the QR code (assigned to you) to your delivery driver, follow the prompts on the screen, and voilà!


Every initial delivery order gets $10 off! 

As part of our daily deals, you can also enjoy 10% off your order if you have your product delivered on a Thursday. Not to mention, if you sign up for our text messaging you get exclusive one-off deals and promo codes for random discounts throughout the year.

Recommended items to try on your first order

  • Low Dose Lemon Ginger Seltzer from Wunder. This 4-pack canned drink is perfect for anyone spending the day inside. It’s a 1:1:2, which is a blissful mix of Delta-8, Delta-9, and CBD, respectively. Ideal for those lazy days off, or unwinding after a long one!2
  • 4Geez Flower – The Higher Path carries many brands that support social equity initiatives. 4Geez is one of those brands. This month, THP is offering a BOGO on 4Geez’s incredibly relaxing flower. When you buy a Purple Pie 8th, you can get another for a dollar!
  • Breez Extra Strength Tablets – For those looking to spend a productive workday at home, I highly recommend these pinene-infused tablets. Pinene is a terpene that helps with focus & short-term memory retention. These 20mg THC tablets are quite small and can pack a punch, so dose accordingly.

So what are you waiting for? Place your next order online, via live chat, or on the phone to receive same-day delivery on your favorite products, from your favorite dispensary.