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Cannabis Gifts For That Special Someone This Holiday

Cannabis gifts are the best way to ensure everyone has a happy holiday. California, the Golden State, has always been a gold mine for avid cannabis consumers; thousands travel every year to see what the Green State has to offer.

At the best dispensary in LA, you’ll find California’s finest selection of cannabis products. From low-dose & high-potency products to smoking accessories on every stoner’s wishlist, we have it all. THP is here to guide you through the gift-giving holidays with our Guide to Canna-Shopping for that special person in your life who loves weed as much as we do.

Cannabis Gifts For Your Far-Away Loves

For your out-of-state friends who have never tried consuming weed, we recommend they start with any low-dose product. Here are a few recommendations for anyone who wants to try the buzz without getting uncomfortably high.

Kiva Petra Mints

This low-dose mint delivers exactly 2.5mg of THC in each mint. It’s perfect as a starter dose and can be taken day or night. Such a low dose of THC is perfect for anxiety and minute pain. Kiva also makes 2.5mg CBD mints, which are also great for someone not looking to get high.

Drew Martin

A store classic, Drew Martin is a company that has redefined weed for absolutely everyone. They make pre-rolls (joints) with added botanical herbs. For example, their joints contain lavender, rose petals, and ginger roots, which all have therapeutic effects when smoked. Such a blend allows for lower THC flower to be enjoyed. Their pre-rolls never test higher than 11% THC!

Now for your friends with a much higher tolerance, we’ve got the heavy-hitting products that will show them how ridiculous California weed can get.

Lights On Gummies from Heavy Hitters

Some people have compared the feeling of THCV to Adderall & Vyvanse, just as productive with the weed “buzz.” This interesting cannabinoid (THCV) has been scientifically proven to cut appetite, increase fullness and boost the body’s energy metabolism, making the user feel energized and active.

Stiiizy Pods

You’ll find California’s most popular vape cartridge on our shelves every day. We always carry a variety of Sativas, Hybrids, and Indicas. These are known to be the best all-around vape cartridges. The feeling is consistent up until the last pull, and carts are known never to clog up.

Plug n Play

The Plug-n-Play experience is a special one. Some say vaping with this device feels closer to a dab rig than it does to a 510-thread battery. The casing is made from ceramic, and the device itself (with the pod) is impossible to break.


This holiday cannabis gifts guide would be incomplete if it weren’t for Jeeter, a customer favorite infused pre-roll. Jeeter was one of the first companies to bring infused pre-rolls to the standard they are today. They roll their pre-rolls with concentrate and coat the joint in kief. Their products test from 35-42%! Not only do they make a killer pre-roll, but they also offer them in so many sizes! You’ll find the Baby Jeeters in a mini jar of 5, the 1g Jeeters, and 2g XL Jeeters with a glass tip, all lined up next to each other.

Cannabis Accessories

If you’d instead not run the risk of bringing a cannabis product back home due to federal law or simply a conservative family member, or your special someone needs an accessory, you can still find some of the best cannabis gifts for your special someone right here at The Higher Path.

Vessel Vista Battery

Did someone say high-end battery for a standard vape cartridge? Yes! There is such a thing, and it is absolutely beautiful. The Vessel Vista is a slick and elegant battery for your regular 510-thread cartridge. Its sleek and robust design is perfect for someone who’s often replacing cheap batteries every other week with something worth the money.

Puffco Vaporizer

This might be the best gift you could be a stoner ever! In Puffco’s own words, “The Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology.” It is arguably the cleanest and best way to consume concentrates. The device has many adjustable features, such as temperature settings, a smoke filter, and timed hits.t

The Other Path

Looking for something more analog and classic in the smoker’s book? We’ve got you. Our smoke shop, The Other Path, located two buildings down, has an immense selection of gifts. We have helpful smoking accessories as well as many hemp products. Since hemp is federally legal, anything you buy from The Other Path can be shipped or traveled with. Find the newest Pax 3 at The Other Path CBD store!

Be careful with what you bring back home! LAX allows the legal amount to be brought into the airport. However, TSA is considered a “federal entity,” meaning that they adhere to federal laws. Since the harmless flower is still illegal federally, please be careful with what you bring on board (never place any products in your checked luggage, always pack it in your carry-on).

We will gladly wrap your gift for $5 at The Higher Path. We hope you enjoy your visit and Happy Holidays to everyone!