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Cannabis and Tea Is Perfect For Me

Cannabis and tea is a combination that just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Have you ever taken a “Sativa” gummy and felt oddly relaxed or stoney, almost like you’d taken an Indica gummy instead? Frantically, you check the packaging just to double-check; nope, Sativa! It’s written right there on the packaging! So what’s that about? Here’s what’s going on.

All THC-dominant gummies have THC (obviously). By relaxing the Central Nervous System, THC will deliver an Indica feeling — that’s why most edibles will give you a tired and relaxed high. Unless infused with Terpenes or Nano-Emulsified, all edibles will have this Indica feeling. So, let’s say you forgot to order for delivery or didn’t make it before closing time, and your only option is that Indica cookie your friend gave you. The solution lies in naturally caffeinating your body.

Caffeine from tea vs Coffee

When compared to coffee, tea has lower caffeine content. From your intestines to your liver, caffeine goes through your entire body. Caffeine is broken down into several molecules there, which might influence how your organs function. It stimulates the brain, increasing alertness and decreasing sensations of sluggishness, whereas tea caffeine is absorbed more effectively in the body than caffeine from coffee. This gradual release encourages benefits such as mental awareness for a more extended period.

Can I drink coffee instead?

Hey kid, do what you want! Coffee is by far the most popular drink with natural caffeine. You’ll notice a faster onset when you drink coffee versus drinking tea. A quicker absorption also means a more harrowing “crash.” See the difference? Not yet? You’ll definitely feel it then.

Cannabis and tea: THC & CBD inside your body

THC binds to our CB1 receptors, located within our Nervous System. Most of which is located in our brains and along our spines. On the other hand, CBD will regulate our serotonin levels, creating a sense of wholeness throughout our immune system.
So what is the secret formula to combining both plants to get the best of both worlds? The key lies in this question: How do you want to feel? Below, we’ve given you a rundown on each feeling: Energy, Creative, Focus, and Relax.


For high amounts of energy, take low amounts of THC. I know some of you love to get stoned and go for a run or work out. The truth is, you’re working against your body, not with it. Take 5mg, 10mg if you must, and pair it with the following teas. Pour yourself a cup of Matcha Tea to start your day with high amounts of energy. This Japanese tea is a finely ground powder and should be mixed with hot water. Pair this with your favorite edible or smoke to start an adventurous day.
Another popular tea with high amounts of caffeine is Black Tea. This rich, flavourful tea offers a potent dose of energy.


If you’re looking to spark the creative plug, look for an edible or tincture high in Limonene. This terpene is found in lemons. Edibles high in terpenes are rare, but some brands focus on infusing their product with just that. Take the Camino Wild Cherries, for example; they are high in Limonene, making them exciting and creative. Take the extra step and add some lemon juice to your tea! Turmeric is a fantastic tea that offers some killer properties beyond improving brain function. It has incredible anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting properties. It may be a bit strong on its own, but it’s perfect when blended with other teas.


Pairing any of the following teas with a THCV-based edible has with focus. My favorite product in the shop with high amounts of THCV is the Pink Boost tincture from Cosmic View or the THCV Matcha Mint from Kikoko. That being said, what teas are best to dive in for focusing? Peppermint tea has a unique way of stimulating and maintaining mental attention throughout the day. This mint-flavored tea is ideal for boosting concentration and reducing daytime tiredness at any time of the day. Yerba Mate is another popular caffeinated tea among tea enthusiasts. Many users report effects of “enhanced mental clarity, alertness, focus, and attention” and improved energy levels.


Whether you’re looking to rid your body of anxiety or simply get ready for bed after a long day, here are the two most effective teas to help you relax. Holy Basil is an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a natural chemical that aids in stress adaptation and mental equilibrium. This delicious sweet tea will help you find balance and peace within. Chamomile is another relaxing tea. Add some lavender to your blend to enjoy the benefits of Linalool, lavender’s primary terpene. Chamomile will help you relax but can also improve your sleep quality.

The perfect cannabis and tea combination

I  won’t tell you to pair these blends with any specific products; as mentioned, THC is a sedative on its own. If you really want to take that extra mile to relax, reach into the world of the Golden Ratio and get yourself a 1:1.

“And a dash of milk, please.”

If you just so happen to be enjoying a cup of tea with the Queen, you’ll indubitably be adding milk to your tea. Let’s recap: add your milk after, and not before the pour. THC is broken down in milk by chemicals that break down lipids; therefore, adding milk to your tea will, in fact, get you higher.

Kikoko Cannabis Tea

We are lucky to be carrying one of the cannabis industry’s most innovative companies, Kikoko. They make infused teas and various edibles.

If you try making your own weed tea, it just won’t work. Boiling your weed and mixing it with tea will not get you high. Kikoko uses a unique extraction method that makes their cannabis water-soluble. Their extraction method is a secret (but we’re guessing it’s along the lines of solvent-based extraction). They call their teas “water-dispersible.” Take a peek at their various THC and CBD based teas:

– Positive-Tea
– Sensual-Tea – Sympa-Tea
– Tranquil-Tea

Looking to pick up tea or cannabis oil to add to it? Head to our menu now!