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Dabs For Adults! Find Out What You’re Missing Out On

The kids love to dab! No, really! Dabbing has become one of the most common ways of enjoying cannabis concentrates among young adults.

But dabbing is for everyone! If you’re older, you may have gotten used to thinking of cannabis as simply herb in a joint. But it’s much more than that in 2020! Don’t let your age keep you from experiencing this novel way of consuming marijuana.

What Are Dabs?

A ‘dab’ is a small portion of cannabis concentrate. The term ‘dabbing’ is the act of inhaling these dabs through vaporization. Unsurprisingly, a vaporizer specifically designed for dabbing is referred to as a ‘dab rig’.

dabs 1

Dabbing Is for Everyone!

Many older cannabis connoisseurs scoff at the thought of dabs being anything more than a sophomoric and juvenile way of getting high. After all, joints, pipes, and bongs were getting people high for ages before vaporizers and dab rigs came along. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Why complicate things? For good reason!

Dabs are widely considered to be more flavorful and enjoyable than other methods of consuming cannabis. This is because the heating process of a dab does a much better job of bringing out the flavorful and aromatic terpenes that cannabis contains. By comparison, exposing cannabis to the flame of a lighter will burn some of those terpenes up right away, making cannabis less flavorful. Moreover, because concentrates are so potent, each dab will pack the punching power of multiple hits of dried cannabis flower!

Don’t get stuck smoking the same plain joints over and over again just because that’s what you’re used to, try a dab today!

What Kind of Dabs Are There?

Because there are several different kinds of cannabis concentrates, there are several different types of dabs you can do.


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Shatter is one of the most common dabs today. As a concentrate, shatter has dominated the market and was one of the first concentrates to gain acceptance in the world of mainstream cannabis. Good shatter is usually very lightly-colored and can feature soaring THC percentages reaching over 80%.


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Rosin is a very popular concentrate to dab because of its purity, potency, and enhanced terpene profile. This means that those dab hits will be extra flavorful! Rosin is also appreciated because it is clean, cheap, and simple to make at home (comparatively!). Moreover, it can be dabbed at a lower temperature than other concentrates like shatter, making it a little easier on the throat.


dabs 4

Unlike most concentrates, which tend to be sticky and sap-like, wax has a solid (yet strangely soft) texture and appearance. There are typically 3 subcategories of wax concentrates: budder, crumble, and honeycomb. While all 3 are slightly different in texture and consistency, they all get the job done just as well!

No matter what you are dabbing, remember to start low and go slow! The primary advantage of concentrates is that they can get you really buzzed, really quickly. But it can be easy to overdo it. Remember that some of these concentrates can reach purity levels of as high as 90%. Don’t let your advanced age put you off of trying dabs, but don’t let your immaturity ruin the experience for you either!

Want to get started? We’ll help you find your ideal dab—stop by our Sherman Oaks dispensary today.