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Deep Breaths: A Veteran’s Journey to Overcome Anger

At first glance, the man who sits before me doesn’t seem like someone who would need medical cannabis—but looks can be deceiving. It’s a common misconception that medical cannabis is only for physical ailments; but numerous patients use medical cannabis to help with mental ailments as well. For Patient A (as we’ll call him moving forward) and many others, medical cannabis plays a critical role in their day to day well-being, both physical and mental.

Patient A is in his mid 30s and a proud Marine Corp Veteran. He enlisted to serve our country at the age of 20 and had a wonderful experience at boot camp. Unfortunately soon after, Patient A was injured and sent home on medical discharge. Despite rehabbing his injuries at an incredibly fast rate, the Marines were unable to take him back: “The Marine Corps said I was broken and to take me back, they’d have to admit they were wrong…” This was a difficult thing for Patient A to hear, especially given his desire to push and challenge himself that drove him to join the Marine Corp in the first place. The Marines offered to help him re-enlist with another branch of the military, allowing him to keep his rank, but he decided to pass on that opportunity and return to civilian life.

If you’ve never been in the military, it’s hard to fathom what it feels like to “come home”. For however long they’re away, these individuals live in a different world with a different set of rules and then when they return, they’re somehow expected to flip a switch and operate how they used to. But it’s just not that simple. For Patient A, medical cannabis has been a massive help through the transition back into civilian life—especially when it comes to dealing with his anger. “Smoking literally forces you to stop and take a breath,” notes Patient A. It can be difficult in the moment to gain perspective on your anger, but for Patient A taking a minute to smoke a bowl or a joint gives him a much-needed chance to breathe and clear his head.

Getting to sit down with Patient A and hear his story reminds me of exactly why I love working here at The Higher Path—cannabis saves lives. Period. Patient A may not be suffering from cancer or chronic pain, but anger and anxiety can be just as detrimental to a person’s quality of life over time. Cannabis has made it so that Patient A doesn’t have to feel angry all the time, giving him the opportunity to live his life to the fullest—in his free time he enjoys going hiking, spending time with his friends and being outside as much as possible. He isn’t just sitting on his couch wasting his life, he’s living it.

If you or someone you know is a veteran interested in finding out more about medical cannabis, come speak with one of our cannabis consultants or call (818)-385-1224 today!