THC: 30.33%
The lineage and smoke of this bud is almost as epic as its name! Coming from a mix of Nigeria Silver and Purple Punch it has a great combination of aroma and flavor. Its a great day smoke that will energize you and get those creative juices flowing.

Feel: Creative
Taste: Pine / Earth
Main Terpenes: Limonene / Myrcene /Pinene
Lineage: Animal Mints x Face Off OG

AIMS is a true connoisseur’s brand. We’ve taken years of growing experience and combined that with state-of-the-art cultivation equipment with some of the finest genetics available in the world. Located in the San Fernando Valley, our “Mom and Pop” vibe allows us to bring you the highest quality product at a price everyone can afford. We take a hands-on, loving, and caring approach to everything we do, from cultivation to packaging, to distribution. One taste of our premium flower and you will know exactly what we mean when we say we are “Always on Point”.

7.0 grams
Price per unit

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