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Cali heights - G-13 - 1G CARTRIDGE
THC: 964mg
CBD: 0.9mg
G-13, or Government Indica Strain 13, is a pure indica with mysterious origins, hence its cryptic name. It's been reported that this potent strain was bred by the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies at the University of Mississippi, after they collected the most potent indicas around the world. The story goes that one of the agents removed a cutting from the lab and leaked it to the public. While this story is entertaining, it's probably not true.
G-13 is reported to give off a powerful, sedating body high, making it optimal for nighttime (and for more experienced consumers). People have reported that it smells like citrus and oranges, with earthy, sweet aromas.

Taste: Berry / Earthy
Lineage: Not Listed

Cali Heights was founded to give the everyday consumer the products they want, at a price they are happy paying. Over the past 7 years I have spent considerable time with store owners and buyers, brand CEO's and sales teams, budtenders, product scientists and, most importantly, the shoppers
1.0 grams
Price per unit

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