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THC: 12mg
CBD: 24mg
Citrusy and smooth, Grapefruit Rosemary is a real crowd-pleaser. Flavorful and crisp, a Grapefruit Rosemary Cann is the ideal thing to sip socially for the perfect lift. Have one or have five: these delicious little beverages taste refreshing and won’t leave you with any regrets (unlike the hangover your fave spiked seltzer delivers).
Feel: Chill
Type: Social Tonic
Taste: Grapefruit

Dietary Information: Not from concentrate, all-natural flavor, lightly sweetened
Dosing guide: Micro dose- 1-2.5mg / Beginner dose- 2.5-15mg / Experienced- 15-30mg / Expert- 30-50mg. / OG- 50-100mg

California’s #1 selling microdosed cannabis beverage is award winning for a reason and available in CA, NV, AZ, IL, MA and Canada! With just five all-natural ingredients sourced from the best suppliers on earth and no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, Cann is an uplifting, elevated beverage for any social (or not–you do you!) occasion.Precisely infused with 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD, Cann Social Tonics are designed to give you full control over your experience and no next day regrets. They make the perfect substitute for that glass of wine or beer, but without the hangover the next morning.
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