Mount Zereal Kush is a cross between CBX's beloved calming and tranquil body buzzing Kush Mountains and the flavorful uplifting, head high from Zereal Milk. This Hybrid creation really exudes some of the best characteristics from both parents; creamy, gassy, and sweet with a beautiful dense structure, these purple and light green buds are frosted with crystals and adorned with small tangerine hairs. A complex and flavorful blend of tart and old-school fuel, this smooth sailing high will have you chilling in the clouds feeling all relaxed and cozy. CBX's Live Resin Concentrates, fresh frozen, whole-plant extraction process to maximize flavor and experience. 1g.

Feel: Sleep
Taste: Gas / Cream
Extraction Method: Hydrocarbon extraction
Lineage: Kush Mountains x Zereal Milk

Cannabiotix is a boutique cannabis company based in both California and Nevada founded by two expert cultivators who set out to develop and cultivate the most elite genetics in the cannabis industry today. Our foundation is built on using natural and sustainable farming techniques in symphony with the latest methods in science and technology to cultivate clean, PGR free, award winning cannabis flowers. Since the days when the trade was largely underground, our founders have been building a genetic catalog of rare and highly potent cultivars. We breed these unique varietals to create exclusive, in-house strains that showcase one of a kind cannabinoid and terpene profiles. With over two decades of experience, the team at Cannabiotix is made up of avid cannabis enthusiasts that give each strain customized individual attention. We believe this is a craft that can never be mastered, a belief that drives us to constantly evolve and hone our techniques to ensure we provide enthusiasts with the best flowers and cannabis products possible. Join us on InstaGram @Cannabiotix Welcome to the #CBXLIFE
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