THC: 50.0mg
Proof’s Night Capsules are the all-night remedy for your sleepytime needs! Unique in the market, Proof combines THC with CBN, a special cannabinoid that helps encourage restfulness. Proof Night Capsules will help you get to sleep and stay asleep through the night, waking with a restful and restored feeling. Compared to other products, the Proof Night Capsules are higher potency and better value, allowing for nightly use. Fans of this product report that its unique benefits surpass the effectiveness of other products they’ve tried, and they are finally able to get a full night’s rest.

Feel: Sleep
Type: Tablet
Taste: Not listed
Dietary Information: Coconut MCT oil, cannabis oil.
Per capsule: 5mg CBN & 5mg THC
Per unit (5 capsules): 25mg CBN & 25mg THC
Dosing Guide: Micro dose- 1-2.5mg / Beginner dose- 2.5-15mg / Experienced- 15-30mg / Expert- 30-50mg. / OG- 50-100mg

Proof is a small family-owned and operated company based in Sonoma County. We aim to make cannabis products more accessible and affordable. We first started making our capsules, tinctures, and topicals for friends and family members, and saw amazing results. However, when we went into dispensaries, it always shocked us to see the expensive prices for CBD and other cannabis products. We decided we could do it better, and much more affordably. Proof products offer all the same benefits you're accustomed to with clean, healthy, cannabis-derived products at a reasonable price.
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