Tikun olam - MIDNIGHT 1:1 - 30ML TOPICAL
THC: 150.0mg
Named after the midnight hour (12+12 = 24, the midnight hour), Midnight comes on delicately with an uplifting sensation that is calming and euphoric, often described as a gentle high.

Best for: Body Aches / Stress Relief
Consistency:Body Butter
Main Terpenes: Beta-mycene, Alpha-pinene, Limonene
Suggested Usage: Due to the combination of THC and CBD, users most often report using Midnight for managing general anxiety, which can manifest in the form of headaches or migraines.
Ingredients: Mango and Shea Butters, Same Strain, Same Batch Terpenes, Whole Plant Profile All-Natural, Non-Intoxicating

Tikun Olam became the world’s first organization licensed by a national government to treat patients with medical cannabis. Since 2009, Tikun Olam has curated and produced specific cannabis-based therapies, evaluated individual patient conditions, recorded treatment outcomes, conducted with leading Israeli medical institutions safety and efficacy trials on the medicines derived from its unique strains, and published and presented over twenty peer-reviewed white papers. Extending Tikun Olam’s mission to the United States, its American affiliate leverages this extensive track record of learning and practical experience, offering consistently high-quality products targeting symptomatic relief.

50.0 milliliters
Price per unit
This product is no longer available.

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