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Do You Even Terp, Bro?

Stoked for leg day? Me neither usually. Motivation is a constant struggle when it comes to exercise and is what usually causes the “I’ll just go tomorrow” syndrome. A great way to boost your spirits and turn up your pre-workout ritual is some sativa! The great thing about sativa strains are their terpenes and sharp psychoactivity.

Terpenes are the natural oils in plants and food that give you the aroma and taste, while having multiple medical benefits. Alpha Pinene, a terpene commonly found in pine and conifer trees as well as cannabis, acts as a bronchodilator which improves airflow to the lungs by dilating the bronchial tubes allowing easier breathing when working out. Try using high Pinene strains like SF Dragons Breath, Jack Herer and Green Crack paired with CBD to augment the anti-inflammatory effects!


To specify your desired effect, try an herbal vaporizer set at a lower temperature to activate mainly Pinene (boiling temp 312F) and THC (314F) and to create less smoke for optimal breath support for your workout. Limonene (350F) is another prevalent terpene found in citrus sativas and helps in the absorption process of other terpenes and greatly alleviates depression. Looking for the mood boost for your pre-workout? Strains that have large amounts of Limonene include Chernobyl, Super Silver Haze, and White Buffalo. Strains like SF Dragons Breath and Jack Herer would be ideal due to their richness in both Pinene and Limonene to improve your motivation, performance and focus. Focus and energy are are essential for your workout. Sativa Cannabis along with your favorite tunes can help keep you in the zone while boosting your motivation because it makes working out fun!

Want to learn more about the origins of our SF Dragon’s Breath? Check out our owner Jerred, the grower of SF Dragon’s Breath, on the latest episode of Seed to Strain on MerryJane.com!

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