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Gigi Goes To…Disneyland! Follow Along To See The Products He Uses

Have you ever wanted to visit the magical land of wonder and happiness but avoided going because of all the congested freeways? As much as I love Disney it can be kind of unbearable to get to this magical place. After all, shouldn’t it be as easy as wishing upon a star? Surprisingly, it can be…especially if you don’t have a car.

Getting There, and Going Green

I took the Red Line for only $1.75 from Universal City to Union Station. Then, I boarded the Pacific Surfliner train southbound to Anaheim for $12.48. Throughout the entire duration of my trip I kept wondering to myself “why haven’t you done this before?” It was that easy and worry-free! For those of you who are balling on a budget because Disney’s admission is steep, there is a discount code “V712” available to use for 20% off your train ride to and from Los Angeles.

Time It Perfectly

Once I exited at the Anaheim Station, I hopped on the Disneyland complimentary shuttle. By that point, I was feeling amazing from the Baby Jeeter I smoked along the way. I chose to smoke a Jeeter from Dreamfield because I knew I wouldn’t be able to bring any product into the park with me. Their .5g short dog walker pre-roll is ideal for on the go situations.

Plus, it was nice knowing that I did a green thing before I got to Disney, a green thing by taking the train to Disney, and then enjoyed more green things to say congrats to all my green-ness.

Winding Down With CBD

After an exhausting day walking around the park, I was looking forward to enjoying a topical from Humble Flower Co when I got home. To be specific, it’s the 1:1 THC to CBD ratio Jasmin Clary Sage Balm. The texture and serene smell relaxes my body and my mind after I apply it to my temples and sore muscles. If you want to be extra like me, grab a heavy CBD tincture like Papa & Barkley’s 30:1 CBD to THC ratio to really take it to another level. With a topical and tincture in hand I knew I was ready for a great night of sleep after a fun-filled, magical day.

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