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How to Bring the Heat to Your Workout

It is proven that cannabis can greatly enhance the experience of one’s workout regime and overall exercising experience so choosing the best method of doing so is important. Vaporizing is less harsh on the lungs and body, as vaporizers utilize one of two heating styles; convection or conduction, to produce an effective high with little to no exhalation of smoke.

Convection involves hot air passing around and through the herb and is the transfer of thermal energy through a liquid or gas, while convection involves herb in direct contact with a heated surface and conversely transfers energy through a substance or solid. While many enjoy lighting up a joint or a bowl of herb before exercising, the fluid used in these lighters often contain Naphtha, kerosene and/or alcohol as fluid and can be more harmful to the lungs and body than the method of vaporizing. Vaporizers additionally often allow the individual to control the temperature setting and therefore tailor his or her high to the specific terpenes or cannabinoids sought out. According to Leafly, the terpene Pinene is known to be a bronchodilator and is often found in strains such as Jack Herer and Blue Dream, both of which are strains recommended by patients who enjoy being alert, focused, and energized. Each terpene has a unique benefit, effect, aroma and boiling point, all of which can be experienced by using a vaporizer. Pinene has a boiling point of 155 ° (311 °F), and familiarizing oneself with the activation temperatures and effects of each terpene is extremely beneficial when choosing the right strain and method of medicating before exercising!