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Cannabis Pro Tips: Make Your Own Edibles with Healthy Infused Recipes

We love getting crafty over here, and one of our favorite ways is cooking with cannabis. If you love cannabis and you’ve got the cooking bug, it’s easy as pie to make your own delicious cannabis infused recipes (yes, you can actually make pie with them, too!). All you need are homemade cannabis-infused oil and a little free time.

We’ll share a simple method for making your own cannabis infusion. And guess what? If you don’t have the free time, don’t sweat it: You can always use a premade tincture instead! Ready? Get your weed out and your apron on!

Cannabis Infused Recipes: How to Make Your Own Canna-Oil or Canna-Butter

Because it’s nothing more than an oil rich in THC and other cannabinoids, homemade canna-oil is a delicious (and incredibly versatile) product to have up your sleeve. And because you make it yourself, you have control over which oil and which strain of cannabis you use. Here’s the basic method:

Infused Recipes 1

Measure out 1 cup of fresh cannabis flower (or, better yet, AVB: Already Vaped Bud) and 1 cup of the cooking oil or butter of your choice (we love fruity olive oils or rich and neutral-tasting coconut oil)

Carefully grind the cannabis into small chunks (but not a powder). You want the pieces large enough so that a kitchen strainer will catch all the plant matter later.

Combine the oil and the cannabis in a double-boiler or a slow cooker and heat them on “low” or “warm” for a few hours. You can use a regular saucepan, but you run the risk of scorching the oil (especially if you’re using butter!).

Whichever method you use, get an inexpensive kitchen thermometer and make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 245°F. Let the infusion cook for as long as you can; we recommend 4 – 6 hours in a slow cooker, 6 – 8 hours in a double-boiler, or at least 3 hours in a saucepan.

Infused Recipes 2

Once the oil is fully infused, carefully pour it through a strainer lined with cheesecloth. Resist the urge to squeeze all the oil out; this will add more chlorophyll (but not more cannabinoids). You’re done! The oil will keep for at least two months on a dark pantry shelf, and typically longer in the refrigerator.

Using Tinctures

Of course, you can always make infused recipes by adding a few drops of already-prepared cannabis tincture. The amount will vary depending on potency, but a good starting point is to add 1mL of tincture per person to any recipe. If you don’t feel any effects after an hour, take another mL (and remember to start with 2mL per person next time!).

Healthy Cooking Ideas

Once you’ve prepared your homemade canna-oil, the sky’s the limit! Mix a splash into a vinaigrette for a truly special green salad, stir it into pancake or waffle batter for an “elevated” brunch, or use it to make stir-fries and sautes. We think the mild weed flavor is especially good with Indian recipes like this simple lentil dal.

Infused Recipes 3
Source: The Wanderlust Kitchen

A word of caution: The effects from consuming cannabis-infused oils are different from smoking or vaping. The high will take its time coming on—we suggest waiting at least an hour—and they’ll tend to be longer-lasting. So while you’re figuring out just how strong your homemade oil is, use a little less than you think you should. Remember, you can always take more, but you can’t take less!

Ready to get cooking? Stop by our Sherman Oaks dispensary to get your supplies!