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LIME, a Cannabis Staple at The Higher Path Dispensary

Lime products have had our attention for a long time now.

The best “bang for your buck” is a term we use constantly in the industry. In today’s cut-throat cannabis market, it’s difficult to find a good balance between good quality and affordable prices. We’ve seen dozen of “cheap” companies finesse their way around mass-producing cheap products. Whatever costs were cut resulted in a cheaper, less appealing product as well. But is this still the case for everyone?

The LA-based company LIME has redefined what affordable quality cannabis products look like, and we’re quite impressed with what they’ve got.

The company started in 2019, a time when many new cannabis companies took a dive during the pandemic. LIME lit the flame with its amazing product selection and affordable prices the minute it started production. Today, they are now sold in over 500 licensed dispensaries, including your favorite, The Higher Path.

LIME has products in every major category, from badder to blunts; their weed will knock you out of the park.

Why are Lime products priced so low?

As with many other cannabis companies, LIME does not compromise when it comes to product quality. They have partnered with Nabis, California’s #1 licensed cannabis company. It has allowed them (LIME) to have such a colorful variety of products and to keep them affordable to their customers.

In case it wasn’t obvious, LIME is also true to their THC percentages. What you read on the label is what you’re smoking… unlike some other brands.

Lime Products – Blunts

Lime Products Nug BluntTheir blunts are 2g of grade-A weed, hand-wrapped in 100% hemp. They pick the finest nugs just for the blunts themselves. This is a tobacco-free blunt but is still very potent. A glass tip filter keeps your experience authentic and easy to share with your friends.





Infused Prerolls

If you’re looking for a pre-roll that kicks and stones you out, check out LIME’s 1.5g fully infused prerolls. There’s about over 40% THC. That’s because they’re wrapped with liquid diamonds and coated in kief. They have a selection of Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica strains that change every other season.

Lil’ Limes

Make the daring bite of infused prerolls a little tamer with their Lil’ Limes. These baby prerolls are more travel-size and beginner-friendly infused prerolls. It’s a 5-pack infused preroll with no additives. You’ll find delicious strains such as Blue Dream and Banana Split among their

wild and potent selection.

Flower – Infused

On a shelf stacked with a high-testing flower, you can find the highest-testing flower in a tiny little jar labeled LIME. These 8ths are pre-ground but infused with liquid Diamonds & Ice Water Hash. Say goodbye to the mess of boosting your bowls; say hello to the little LIME jar!

Full Gram Disposable

With each disposable testing at above 90%, full-gram LIME disposables are a great accessory for the day-to-day smoker or tourists looking to get the best out of their trip to the Golden State. The concentrate contains cannabis-derived terpenes, which is best for an accurate strain feeling. That being said, LIME has a variety of some of the most popular strains weed has to offer, ranging from the most charged of Sativas to the heaviest of Indicas. The disposables are rechargeable, letting you squeeze every last drop from your pen.


Lime has an insane selection when it comes to extracts. I’ll list them out and let you do the discovering: Budder, Badder, Diamonds, Hash, Shatter, Sugar, and a THC Syringe. All of these are served as 1g and vary within the $32-35 range. I shouldn’t forget to mention the terpenes in these concentrates are strong.


And last but not least, the most underrated form of cannabis is syrup. Not many companies make syrup concentrate, and not many of those do it right. LIME is one of the exceptions to the game, but we’ve always known that. This is by far the most cost-efficient solution for high-potency buyers. A single bottle packs 1,000mg of THC for just as little as $40!

Stop by The Higher Path or place an order for delivery to get the best Lime products for yourself.