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The Higher Path: The LA Dispensary with Compassion

At The Higher Path, we believe that in a world where we can be anything, we should be compassionate. And so, we are committed to making the world a better place for all. In 2020, the state of California passed the law Senate Bill 34 (SB-34), allowing us to find new ways to stay true to our commitment.

After the passing of SB-34, licensed cannabis sellers can donate cannabis products to patients who can’t afford them. This was possible because the state decriminalized medical and recreational cannabis in the last few years and introduced the MMIC Program. These laws have empowered us to improve the quality of life of people in California.

What is California’s MMIC Program?

MMIC is a Medical Marijuana Identification Card issued by the state of California. It provides legal protection to medical cannabis users. In 1996, Prop 125 decriminalized medical cannabis. This was a significant achievement and a historical marker for the state, as Californians could carry medical cannabis without being penalized.

In 2016, the passage of Prop 64 allowed the adult use of cannabis. At that time, many people believed that the MMIC would be redundant. However, MMIC provides many benefits even in the present.

First, MMIC provides legal protection to medical cannabis users. Next, MMIC cardholders can possess eight ounces of cannabis, whereas non-cardholders can possess only one ounce.

The state law allows individuals above the age of 21 to purchase cannabis. However, individuals as young as 18 can purchase cannabis with an MMIC and a doctor’s recommendation.

Most importantly, MMIC allows cannabis users to save money. Cardholders don’t have to pay taxes which amounts to 14-20% over the cost of the purchased cannabis. In addition, the application process fee for acquiring an MMIC is capped at $100. Even so, it’s easy to offset the cost in the long run.

The MMIC makes medical cannabis accessible to those patients who can’t afford it. The application process for MMIC is simple, and all the details are available on the website of the State of California.

What is Senate Bill-34?

Senate Bill 34 (SB-34) is also known as the Dennis Perron and Brownie Mary Act. It was passed in March 2020 by the California government. In the late 1990s, Dennis Perron and Brownie Mary were cannabis activists who believed in projects that provided quality life for the community.

This law allows licensed cannabis sellers to donate medical cannabis products to patients who can’t afford them. It’s helpful for lower-income cannabis patients suffering from long-term painful illnesses.

How does The Higher Path contribute to the Compassion Program?

The Higher Path is dedicated to repaying the community through kindness and compassion at every step of our journey. We constantly collaborate with organizations to provide deals, discounts, and quality cannabis products. Below are some brands that we have worked with in the past.

These brands have provided us with tremendous support. Some have donated their products for our events and drives. Others donate products for our Compassion Program.

As an active and hands-on team, we organize events to make our community a better place. We have participated in marches, cleaned beached, collected litter as well as shared our support for several causes.

  • The Higher Path has two programs:
  • The Higher Path Compassionate Program
  • The Higher Path Veteran’s Program

The Higher Path Compassionate Program

The passage of SB-34 allowed us to legally donate cannabis products to those who need them. In addition, our patients can take advantage of our complimentary consultation. You can book an appointment over the phone, video call, or email and receive proper treatment to mitigate your symptoms.

You must be a The Higher Path Collective member to apply for the Compassionate Program. You can enroll in the program by providing the following documents:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Recent income tax return to show proof of low-income status
  • Enrollment proof in SSI, SNAP, CAL-Works, or General Government Assistance
  • Valid MMIC or a valid doctor’s recommendations

If you or someone you know has financial hardships and illness or has financial difficulties because of mounting medical bills, you can enroll in The Higher Path Compassion Program. You’ll find healing and comfort with our free medical cannabis products.

The Higher Path Veteran’s Program

SB-34 also allows cannabis dispensaries to donate products to Veterans. We are happy to be of help to those who are suffering. Our medical cannabis is of premium quality and laboratory tested.

The program is beneficial as Veterans don’t have to rely on opiate-based drugs. They can now choose a proven and safe treatment for their severe symptoms.

To enroll in The Higher Path Veteran’s Program, you’ll have to fill out the form on our website. You’ll need the following documents to submit your application successfully:

  • The Higher Path membership
  • A valid MMIC or a valid doctor’s recommendation
  • A valid driver’s license

You should note that submitting an application does not guarantee enrolment.

So far, The Higher Path has treated 75 Veteran patients and donated 36826 products. Further, we’ve had 60 Compassion patients and donated products worth $700,000+.

What are the next steps after enrolling in the program?

Once approved for our Compassion Program or our Veterans Program, you’ll receive a welcome email explaining the instructions for your first visit. You’ll receive a discount for any purchases in the store and free Compassion products. Any information you share in our store is confidential and compliant with HIPPA. We only use your personal information for The Higher Path Compassion Program.

How can you show your support and compassion?

As a customer, you can also show your support for our Compassion Program. If you purchase any Compassion products, the proceeds will go directly into our program. And if your donation is a significant one, we’ll put your name on an ornament and hang it on a tree in our budroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can write to us at compassion@thehigherpath.com or drop by our store at 14080 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.