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The Ultimate Olympic Smoking Game

Do you love smoking? Do you love the USA? Do you get bored after the first 20 minutes of Olympic footage? Great. This game will help liven up any Olympic viewing party! Stock up on sativa and hybrid flowers, medicated popcorn and some Cannabis Quenchers because it’s about to go down!

The Higher Path 2016 Rio Olympics Smoking Game

*Take a hit every time you see a celebrity
*Take a hit every time you see the Queen
*Take a hit every time they show footage of exotic wildlife
*Take a hit when the camera zooms in on a celebrity but you have no idea who they are

Track and Field
*Take a hit for every runner wearing a gold chain. Two hits for matching earrings.
*Take a hit if there’s a false start.
*Take a hit if another runner complains about automatic disqualifications because of a false start. (New rules say if you jump the gun you are out of the race)
*Take a hit if someone falls on the hurdles.
*100m dash – Take a dab and hold it until the first runner crosses the finish line. (Winners of this round go on to compete with their friends in the 200m and 400m dash.)
*For every record broken take the last two numbers and eat that amount of milligrams in an edible.

*Take a hit every time someone mentions the original dream team
*Take a dab if a player from the original dream team is there
*Take two if it’s Charles Barkley (it’s always Charles Barkley)
*Take a hit every time someone talks about how many US all-star players stayed behind.
*Take a hit for every 5 points Kevin Durant makes
*Take a hit every time Carmelo Anthony could have passed but didn’t

*Take a hit every time someone mentions Michael Phelps’ success in the Beijing Games
*Take a hit every time footage of Phelps from the Beijing games is shown
*Take a hit every time Michael Phelps is in a commercial
*Take a dab if Michael Phelps doesn’t win a medal
*If Michael Phelps wins smoke a fat bowl for the homie who is sober for swimming and eat a $5-foot-long from Subway

*Take a hit every time someone falls
*Take a dab if they are caught on camera crying afterwards
*Take a hit for every perfect dismount aka “sticking the landing”
*Take a dab for every killer floor routine

*Take a hit every time footage of Andy Murray from the last Olympics is shown
*Take a hit every time a ball boy/girl gets hit with a ball
*Take a hit every time you hear an absurd tennis scream
*Take a hit every time Nadal picks a wedgie
*Take a hit every time Serena Williams slams or throws her racket down
*For Doubles: Pick a partner and a team. Every time your team scores take a hit

These are just a few ways to take your Olympic viewing party to the next level. All rules say take a hit or a dab, but you can adjust for drinking Cannabis Quenchers or eating edibles. As always, make sure that you drink lots of water and eat enough food so you can keep the party going. If you stick with sativa strains and edibles, you will be laughing and finding funny rules to make the Olympics much more interesting!

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