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Seasonal Blues: Winter Cannabis to Uplift and Energize

In the cold months of winter, it’s natural to experience seasonal blues, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays can sometimes be overwhelming. Luckily, recreational legalization has taken some of the stress out of the holiday season, allowing adult consumers across the state of California to access the cannabis products they need to be comfortable and happy. To guide you through those dreary December days, here are a few of our favorite winter cannabis strains.

Winter Cannabis Strains to Beat the Blues

Blue Knight

winter cannabis 1

For anyone looking to add a touch of joy to their Christmas activities, Blue Knight is an ideal fit for almost any situation. Whether you’re enjoying decorations on a walk down Candy Cane Lane or taking time to listen to carols, this signature winter cannabis strain will guarantee that this year’s Christmas isn’t blue.

With some batches testing at over 26% THC content on average, Blue Knight is a sufficiently potent strain that can sometimes overpower inexperienced cannabis consumers. Those new to cannabis should employ caution when smoking Blue Knight, as a few puffs are often enough to instill a powerful and long-lasting high.

Electric Lemonade

winter cannabis 2
Source: IHeartJane

This sativa lives up to its fruity name through the strong lemon scent that emanates from any open container of Electric Lemonade. The sweet and tangy flavor isn’t the only reason to keep coming back to this strain, however, as Electric Lemonade is renowned for its energizing and uplifting cerebral high.

With a lineage splicing together two classics of cannabis culture, Blue Dream and Tahoe OG, the strain reinforces its joyous sativa effects with hybrid qualities that combine to create a unique experience. Electric Lemonade will light up winter cannabis parties and quiet, snowy nights on the couch just the same with its vibrant energy.


winter cannabis 3
Source: Weed Advisor

As one of the most famous hybrids currently on the market, Gushers is primarily known for its smooth and easy smoke with a flavor reminiscent of a yogurt parfait. Gushers is designed to impress any group of cannabis enthusiasts with its vivid, earthy aroma and beautiful purple hues, making for a memorable encounter wherever it is consumed.

Gushers can vary in potency depending on where it is grown, but in general, the strain has a reputation for accommodating newer cannabis consumers with its tranquil, relaxing high. In addition, the calming effects of this hybrid are said to be intensely effective in the alleviation of chronic anxiety or stress.


winter cannabis 4

Another staple of hybrid cannabis strains, Chem Dawg is associated with bursts of creativity and a happy, positive mindset that can persist for hours. While Chem Dawg can be quite potent, there is perhaps no better strain for winter cannabis consumers than this lively flower capable of making indoor activities fun and exciting.

Chem Dawg is a popular option at dispensaries across the country, but its genetics have made their way into a multitude of other common and well-known strains. OG Kush, for example, owes its existence to pioneers who mixed and matched Chemdawg with other strains in the pursuit of high-quality cannabis.

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