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What Dispensary has the Best Weed in Sherman Oaks?

Named the Best Dispensary in Los Angeles in 2016, The Higher Path Collective focuses on providing our customers with the best weed in Sherman Oaks. We’re also passionate about cannabis education and alternative approaches to health and wellness.

Our knowledgeable staff, welcoming atmosphere, and amazing selections of cannabis products set us apart and make every visit to The Higher Path truly special.

What are the Best Cannabis Flower Brands available in Sherman Oaks?

The Higher Path’s flower menu is the best in Los Angeles. Our lineup of brands is unparalleled. With selections from Cannabiotix, Claybourne, Maven, Wonderbrett, Traditional, STIIIZY, Solis, and The Higher Path’s house brand, you can always find the strain you’re looking for at The Higher Path.

What are the Best Indica Cannabis Strains at The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks

You can’t go wrong with an old-school classic like OG Kush from The Higher Path or our new-school selections like Lava Cake from Solis, Gelatti from Grizzly Peak, and Blue Donut from Traditional. If you’re looking for the best selection of Indica strains in Sherman Oaks, The Higher Path is it. 

What are the Best Sativa Cannabis Strains at The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks?

If you love Sativas, The Higher Path delivers a fantastic selection of Sativa strains, including Quest from Source, Jack Herrer from Originals, Mango Haze from Claybourne, Lemonada from Humo, and Cookies and Cream from STIIIZY.

What are the Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains at The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks?

Hybrids blend all the best qualities of Indicas and Sativas, and no strains do that better than Cereal Milk by CBX, Runtz by Aims, Sunset Gelato by Miss Grass, and Waffle Cookie by Stone Road.

Does The Higher Path in Sherman Oaks carry CBD Flower?

Apologies, but we do not carry high CBD flower at this time.

Does The Higher Path Carry Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

Yes. The Higher Path is licensed to sell both medical and recreational cannabis, and we welcome all medical patients and recreational consumers. 

Does The Higher Path Have any Specials on Weed?

We do! Check out all these Amazing Every Day Deals at The Higher Path.

  • Early Bird (8 AM-12 PM): 20% off every purchase of $80 or more (pre-tax)plus a $1 preroll.
  • Happy Hour (4-6 PM): Buy any 1/8th, get a THP 1/8th for $5 | Buy any two THP disposable vapes, get a third for $1 | Buy any THP Gummy and get a second for $1. Also, check out the new $99 Bundle of The Higher Path House products!
  • First Time Patient: 20% off plus a THP house preroll for $1 and a THP T-shirt.
  • Second Visit: $10 off any purchase of $25 or more.
  • Bring a Friend: You and your friend get 25% off.

The Higher Path also offers these killer daily deals:

Magic Monday: 20% off every purchase of $80 or more (pre-tax)

Tasty Tuesday: 10% OFF all edibles.

Wax Wednesday: 10% OFF all full spectrum oil, cartridges, pods, disposable vapes, and extracts.

Thrifty Thursday: 15% off every purchase of $100 (pre-tax) or more.

Friday Highday: 20% off all Higher Path products plus a Higher Path preroll for $1

Spark Up Saturday: 10% off prerolls.

Stock Up Sunday: 10% off loose flower.

Does The Higher Grow Their Own Cannabis?

Yes, we do, and it’s all fire! The Higher Path’s house brand features the best strains in Sherman Oaks and beyond.