We offer exchanges for defective products within 7 days with the original receipt. No returns on flower, and there are specific conditions for returning vape cartridges. All returns are for store credit only.

If a product is defective/broken (not as a result of misuse), you may return it to The Higher Path within 7 days of purchase with the original receipt, and we will exchange it for a working product. All returns are for store credit only. 

We do not accept returns on flower. If you are returning a vape cartridge, you must physically provide the battery you use with the cartridge to ensure you are using the proper hardware and settings. We cannot accept cartridge returns/exchanges without the user being present. The cartridge must be defective. Broken/shattered cartridges or damages resulting from improper operation will not be accepted. The battery must comply with vaporizer cartridge specifications. (No more than 3.0-4.2 voltage output.) Cartridges will not be accepted if oil leaks due to being left upside down or left in hot temperatures. Partial returns/portions of oil are acceptable if the cartridge has failed or become defective before using the totality of oil. The expected disposable battery life is one month. No returns will be accepted one month after purchase due to battery failure. 

Pax Vaporizers cannot be returned to The Higher Path. Please contact Pax directly for more information about their warranty and repairs. If you have questions about our return policy, please feel free to email us at info@thehigherpath.com.

Adult-use recreational consumers coming to The Higher Path for the first time must provide a valid photo ID from any state or a valid passport that shows they are of legal age to obtain recreational cannabis. When you come to see us for the first time as a medical patient, we need to see your California ID (or your current photo ID and proof of CA residency) and your original medical marijuana recommendation with your doctor’s signature. If you have an MMIC, please bring that with you as well.

Please note: All patients and customers must be checked in by 10 PM. We want to make sure you have time to see everything we have to offer and ask any questions you may have, but we do have to check in customers and patients before 10 PM. Please arrive with enough time to get signed up with us!

We accept cash (rounded up or down to the nearest dollar), debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Rethink Pay — a Blockchain-backed international processor with a $4 fee. The $4 fee is a little higher than our debit terminals, and that’s to cover the risk associated with our industry. You can also pay via a secure link sent to your phone or email at checkout, and this method allows you to tip as well. For pickup or delivery orders, simply choose “Credit card/Apple Pay” for the secure link option.

Prices listed on our menu and in-store labels are pre-tax. Taxes vary based on whether you’re a recreational consumer or a medical marijuana patient. For specifics on tax rates and potential savings, please refer to the taxation section below.

Adult-use taxes: Individuals purchasing cannabis recreationally will be charged a 10% local tax, 15% excise tax, and 9.5% sales tax. 

Medical patients with a doctor recommendation: Individuals who have an MMJ recommendation from a doctor will be charged a 5% local tax and 9.5% sales tax. (Total savings of 5% on local tax.) 

Medical patients with a county Medical Marijuana Identification Card: Individuals who obtain an MMIC from the county will be charged a 5% local tax. (Total savings of 5-14.5% on local tax and sales tax.)

You must be 21+ with a valid photo ID, or 18+ with a California MMJ card. MMJ cards from other states are not accepted.

No, adults 21+ can shop with a valid ID. However, medical patients should bring their MMJ recommendation so we can upload it into our system and California ID. However, as a medical patient, you may also choose to obtain a Medical Marijuana Identification Card from the county to save 14.5% on taxes.

To comply with state and local laws, we must verify the age and eligibility of every customer and patient. The Higher Path is a licensed medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, which means we must comply with all state and local laws. 

This includes verifying that anyone who enters the budroom is a legal MMJ patient or of legal age to purchase recreational cannabis. We do this by checking that every person has a valid photo ID each time they visit and a valid MMJ recommendation on their first visit.

If you are stopped on your way home from The Higher Path and you possess a product but lack proof of being an MMJ patient or of legal age for purchasing recreational cannabis, you not only risk getting in trouble but also jeopardize our license. It is imperative to ensure compliance and avoid potential consequences.

Yes, we offer online ordering for curbside pickup, in-store pickup, and delivery within 10 miles. For payment via Rethink using debit, credit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, just add your phone or email to the notes, and we’ll send you a secure link!

Place your online order, wait for the text from us that says your order is ready, then park in our back parking lot. A budtender will greet you and ask for your ID, then get your order. You may add on to your order at this time; just ask your budtender for help!

We sure do! Enter your address to see if we deliver to you (we operate in a 10-mile radius from the shop and cannot go further, nor can we ship products). There is no fee, but there is a $50 minimum per order. Grab $20 off your first delivery by writing the word “SHERMAN” in the notes during your order!

Orders are held for 24 hours. If you can’t pick up within that time, please reorder before coming to the shop.

Yes! We have first and second-time customer deals, daily deals, monthly deals, marketing promotional deals, etc. Visit the DEALS page on our website to see them all. Stay in the loop by signing up for emails (at the bottom of this website) and/or telling your budtender you’d like to receive emails or texts! You can opt-out or unsubscribe whenever, and we do not send too many messages!

The Higher Path is extremely grateful to all the men and women who have served in our armed forces! We believe that our veterans deserve affordable, safe access to cannabis, which is why we offer 10% off of every order for veterans! Simply show your veteran ID to your Cannabis Consultant to receive this discount.

Glad you asked! You accrue points for every purchase you make, and you can redeem those points for dollars off your next order! This is the loyalty points structure: $5 off, $10 off, $20 off, and $40 off. Ask your budtender if you have enough points for a reward at checkout, or write it in the notes section of an online order!

Yep! We have open shopping for our house brand, our ailments wall, and our drinks and concentrates. Come on in, grab a basket, and load up!

We also have a vending machine for our house products, including prerolls, for fast, contactless service! The machine currently accepts debit cards.

You can purchase our merch at THPMERCH.com. We use an external website for this, so you can pay with a credit card! We even ship for those who want some THP merch delivered.

We have a small lot in the back, which is also where curbside pickup happens, and there is parking on Hazeltine and metered parking at the front and sides of the shop.

Yes! Our POS system Treez utilizes an outside company to follow HIPAA regulations, which protects individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. Meadow has appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of personal health information and sets limits and conditions on the uses and disclosures that may be made of such information without patient authorization.

While local laws allow possession of certain amounts, be aware that TSA screening stations are under federal jurisdiction, and laws vary by state.

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