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THC: 444mg

You can be in the presence of royalty with The Bloom Brand King Louis XIII BLOOM ONE, a portable, convenient way to get the Indica-dominant effects and potent terpene profile of King Louis XIII. The only thing for sure about this strain is its undisputed OG Kush heritage. Some think it’s an OG Kush and L.A. Confidential cross. Even the name depends on who you ask. It could be King Louie, King Louie XIII, or King Louis XIII, according to online sources. Regardless, its buds are large, sticky, and trichome-covered. The Bloom Brand’s easy-to-use disposable vaporizer holds 300 mg of premium, ethanol-extracted Bloom Oil with 70% THC concentration.

Feel: Sleep
Taste: Citrus / Earthy / Grape
Main terpenes: Not listed
Extract: Classic triple-distilled cannabis oil
Lineage: OG Kush heritage

As a group of passionate users and borderline weed-snobs, we wanted a better way to enjoy our favorite strains in a vape. So in 2014, we created vape brand to consistently deliver all the best elements of smoking flower. We understand being high is a profoundly personal experience. Our customers trust us because we’ve never told them how to feel. So our job is to curate the journey by presenting hand-picked strains in a simple, flavorful and potent format. Think of us as your modern-day florist – we’re here to help you find a flower for every occasion.

500.0 milligrams
Price per unit

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