Lowell herb co. - 35'S- TRAILBLAZER (0.35G PREROLLS) 10-PACK
35's are unique in that they're rolled around the flower as they're made, as opposed to traditional pre-rolls in the industry that use top-filling. Our method creates a more even distribution, creating a steady, slow burn, every time. Less paper means a cooler burn with zero paper taste to disturb your herb. Smoke flower, not paper.
Our blending process brings together 2-3 strains in order to express a broader and deeper terpene profile than what a single genetic can provide.With a slightly longer craft paper crutch, 35's deliver a full-flavor experience with just the right level of resistance. Light-up and inhale with ease.A taller pre-roll allows for a smoother, cooler draw with more greens in every puff for that fresh hit feeling every time. Each 35 contains just the right amount of flower (.35g) for a high quality, sessionable smoke whenever you need it.

Trailblazer: A blend of high-energy Sativa strains that makes for an upbeat, social smoking experience.

Feel: Energy
Taste: Not Listed
Main terpenes: Not Listed
Lineage: Chocolaate Thaighani, Goondox Rocks

At Lowell, we grow our cannabis the hard way. Every product is crafted with respect for the plant, our planet, and you. We proudly stand behind using sustainable practices to grow the highest quality, all-natural cannabis that nature has to offer.We invite you to spark adventure and blaze new trails with our line of premium, California-grown cannabis products. Whether you’re looking to get inspired, socialize, or unplug and connect with the world around you, let Lowell take you there.
3.5 grams
Price per unit

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