Manzanita naturals - KWIK 1:1 SHOT
THC: 50.0mg
CBD: 50.0mg
The newest addition to the Kwik Ease line, Kwik 1:1 features 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD for a deeper and more balanced high. Combining a strain-specific Lemon Haze Hybrid infusion with a delectable ginger lemonade taste, this versatile beverage gives you the best of both worlds.

Feel: Chill
Type: Shot
Taste: Ginger, Lemon
Dietary Information: Not Listed
Dosing guide: Micro dose- 1-2.5mg / Beginner dose- 2.5-15mg / Experienced- 15-30mg / Expert- 30-50mg. / OG- 50-100mg

WHO WE ARE- At Manzanita Naturals, we have one and only one purpose: to produce the highest-quality cannabis-infused beverages on the planet. Since our journey began, we have pursued this goal tirelessly, taking risks at every turn and driving innovations that many thought impossible. Through it all, we’ve never wavered from our core principles: always innovate; never compromise quality; and provide every customer with the best experience possible. These principles, along with our team’s unparalleled work ethic, have allowed us to quickly grow from a small, plucky upstart on the fringes of the industry to a central player in the cannabis beverage revolution. So if you’re seeking quality and convenience in your cannabis experience, we hope you’ll try one of our beverages and see for yourself what the hype is about.
60.0 milliliters
Price per unit

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