THC: 10.0mg
Sonder is a moment of awareness, a connection to yourself and to the world around you. It is a way of seeing, a lens that can help reveal what might otherwise go overlooked. It’s the space between spaces; the connections we find if we take the time to look and turn towards the world openly with curiosity and wonder. HIGH-EST QUALITY All of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff. To create our premium full spectrum oil, we begin with sun grown, sustainable cannabis cultivated on small family farms in the Emerald Triangle. Gentle CO2 extraction yields a smooth, tasty, whole-plant oil with zero additives, thinners or additional flavors. WHOLE PLANT Our whole plant extract has superior tastes and feels because we retain the natural terpenes and cannabinoids found in the flower. These compounds create the “Entourage Effect,” making each strain taste and feel unique. It’s also what gives our oil its rich amber hue and delicious taste. TERROIR* Our exceptional flower owes everything to the terroir of the coastal Emerald Triangle region; a unique microclimate that nourishes our plants gently over time with sun, rain & soil in a rhythm that has nurtured the world’s greatest cannabis for generations. *Just Like Wine! FAMILY ROOTS Sonder is proudly women & LGBT founded and operated. We are a small family business of second generation cannabis farmers who believe cannabis is a connector – to yourself, to others, & the world around you. Product Description: Sublingual Crystal Technology Single serving / 10mg THC All natural flavors Non GMO brown rice syrup (base crystals) from CA farmers Calories: 23 per serving Sugar: 5 grams per serving Full-Spectrum cannabis oil Sublingual Crystals Product Benefits: Faster absorption Faster onset Built in timer Flavor Descriptions: STONED FRUIT (apricot, peach, nectarine) Tart, tangy and ready for an extraterrestrial encounter, this Stoned Fruit came to slay your taste buds. PINEAPPLE PARTY (pineapple, strawberry) A tasty tango of strawberry space dust and pineapple starlight get you feeling better than alright. PEACHY PASSION (passion fruit, peach) A comet of delicious flavor and good feels wash over the fuzzy tongue landscape of this intergalactic love affair between peach and passion fruit.
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