Weekenders - PLAY (1:1) 1G PREROLL
THC: 13.12%
CBD: 7.24%
Play. Party. Dance. Sing. Create. Go Out. Be Free.

Weekenders Play gets you into your element. The more potent of our two blends, Play packs a punch. Still at 7% THC, they’re about a third as strong as many pre-rolls. Plus, the calming CBD helps ensure a friendly high for seasoned stoners and beginners alike. The result is a lively joint that proves, yes, cannabis is a social drug.

Feel: Creative
Taste: Earth / Herb/ Pine
Main Terpenes: Not Listed
Lineage: Sativa / CBD Blend

Weekenders come from Redwood Valley Farm. For nearly 20 years, they’ve lovingly cultivated the finest small-batch, artisanal flowers in the remote North Coast of Humboldt County, California. We don’t grow hydroponically because it’s essentially impossible to do without synthetic inputs. Instead, we nurture our soil, and the soil in turn feeds our plants. The terroir you’ll taste in our cannabis is unmistakable. Weekenders are all natural, outdoor cannabis, formulated for an easy smoke. We meticulously blend uplifting THC flower with healing CBD to create a high that’s perfectly balanced for whatever your weekend has in store.

1.0 grams
Price per unit

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