Care by design - 40:1 CBD  0.5G CARTRIDGE
THC: 1.86%
CBD: 82.74%
Ideal for the cannabis newbie and THC-sensitive. The 40:1 ratio provides all the benefits of CBD and a bit of THC but is typically not psychoactive. Perfect for daytime use or relieving occasional stress. Made from carefully chosen cannabis strains, grown in the California sun. Expertly extracted using a proprietary method designed to capture the full array of bioactive compounds.

Feel: Chill
Taste: Not Listed
Main terpenes: Not Listed
Extract: Distillate
Lineage: Not Listed

Care By Design pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief. Since then, we’ve continued to research and innovate to offer cannabis wellness with unparalleled efficacy. Our newly formulated ratio line goes beyond CBD and THC, harnessing the full therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant. We have reformulated our tinctures and soft gels to be more potent and effective than ever before. We’ve increased our cannabinoid count by at least 25% per ratio and added the minor but mighty cannabinoids, CBDa and THCa. Finally, we’re excited to announce our newest ratio, 40:1, with the highest amount of CBD on the California market.

0.5 grams
Price per unit

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