Daze off - DURBAN POISON 14G
Durban Poison is one of the most desired cannabis strains in the world. Often called the "espresso" of pure Sativas, this strain delivers an uplifting, highly stimulating, clear-headed high which is perfect for being productive, creative or even hiking outdoors. Users will enjoy the sweet anise aroma and the creamy citrus taste which will usually keep them smiling for hours.

Feel: Energy
Taste: Not listed
Main Terpenes: Not listed
Lineage: Landrace strain

Up North in Humboldt, we hold a strong belief that Humboldt’s love and connection to the land is responsible for producing the highest quality boutique cannabis available on the planet. The appreciation of the craft that has been perfected over generations is what makes UpNorth’s service & products stand out from the rest.
14.0 grams
Price per unit

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