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Heavy hitters - GOD'S GIFT - 1G CARTRDIGE
Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.
With a heavenly high and an earthy bouquet, God’s Gift is a divinely inspired indica - perfect for getting you in a relaxed and creative state of mind. Be advised: This strain packs a fair amount of sleepiness, so God’s Gift is best enjoyed in evenings and nights, preferably in a comfortable spot where you can really relax and touch the sky.

Feel: Sleep
Taste: Berries / Diesel
Main terpenes: Not Listed
Extract: Not Listed
Lineage: Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush

Originating in Southern California during the cannabis renaissance of the ’90s, The Heavy Hitters commitment to world-class products has made it the connoisseur's choice for the highest quality cannabis. It takes a village to ensure an extraordinary experience for our community of cannabis lovers. So at Heavy Hitters, we specialize in uniting only the lushest farms to contribute their best harvests and we collaborate with artisans and scientists who are at the top of their field. The passion we have for cannabis and the amazing culture that has grown from it drives every decision we make. The result is a flawless experience that is unrivaled within the industry. Today Heavy Hitters has two main lines of products. ULTRA, the original, is Ultra Pure and Ultra Potent. The most sophisticated THC Concentrates in the world. LIVE, the freshest, unrefined, full-spectrum concentrates available, exclusively cultivated from the season’s best crops.

1.0 grams
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