Yummi karma - SUMMER POP 1000MG 30ML TINCTURE
THC: 1000.0mg
Get lit like the fourth of July with this nostalgic summer pop flavor. With 1000mg THC, this tincture will make you feel like anything is popsicle.

Feel: Chill
Liquid Type: MCT Oil
Main Terpenes: Not Listed
Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut (MCT) Oil, Whole Plant Cannabis Extract, Natural N&A Flavors, Natural Sweetener (Coconut Oil, Natural Stevia Leaf), Contains Soy
Dosing guide: Micro dose- 1-2.5mg / Beginner dose- 2.5-15mg / Experienced- 15-30mg / Expert- 30-50mg. / OG- 50-100mg

Yummi Karma is owned and led by two sisters, and we are proud to be the first state-licensed manufacturer in Orange County. Our story starts over 6 years ago when the only cannabis considered legal was medicinal. Those days taught us the importance of patience, perseverance, and compassion. Even though our team has almost always been 100% women, we are beautifully diverse, and we have always embraced our differences. We recognize that everyone lives a unique experience and we actually design our products around this idea; we want to empower people to be their best selves: mind, body, and soul. We have always operated with a focus on people, lifestyles, or issues that have been marginalized and the objective of providing a solution or positive impact. We’re especially known for making products for women.

Budtender Tip: Time-tested herbal supplements like Raspberry Leaf and Eleuthero Root work together with cannabis extract to provide targeted relief for menstrual pain and discomfort.
1.0 fluid ounces
Price per unit

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