Spring Cleaning: The Best Cannabis Strains for Energy

While cannabis is considered the best companion to binge-watching sessions on the couch, however, certain strains can also assist with getting into a more productive mindset. For anyone in search of the best strains for energy to make spring cleaning a breeze, we’ve selected a few strains that are guaranteed to liven your mood.

Ready to Spring Clean? Try The Best Strains for Energy


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Dosidos is an incredibly versatile indica strain with effects that apply to both day and nighttime. In the night, the heady high of Dosidos works to create a state of relaxation that may be conducive to sleep. The strain’s scintillating mental effects add new life to television dramas, and comedies magically become funnier.

However, for those who want to stay active, Dosidos can also be one of the best strains for energy and an uplifted sense of being, as this relaxing high results in lasting euphoria capable of making mundane tasks like cleaning enjoyable. Those who add Dosidos to their spring cleaning routine may find they’re much more efficient than usual.

Lemon Cake

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As a sativa-dominant strain, Lemon Cake is renowned for its lively, invigorating high that seems to send a jolt of energy through the body. However, its zesty qualities are also reflected in the delicious, tangy smoke that results in burning any bowl of this delightful bud. One puff is enough to understand why this strain graces so many dispensary shelves.

The active high from Lemon Cake typically lasts for a few hours, making it ideal for getting through a long day of chores. Once the work of the day is done, however, its powers of soothing sore muscles can begin to take effect as the body shifts into a mode of rest.

Blue Dream

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Blue Dream is primarily known as a strain for treating insomnia. However, don’t let its name fool you, as those who are familiar with the strain will recognize its effectiveness in instilling a happy, creative state of mind. All manner of stress begins to fade soon after an encounter with Blue Dream, paving the way for a carefree mood.

Cosmic Cookies

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Source: I Heart Jane

While the strain can at times be difficult to come across, Cosmic Cookies is known to be well worth exploring. The strain mixes and matches qualities of a storied ancestry in the form of Girl Scout Cookies and Chem’s Sister, a strain that has a particular reputation as one of the best strains for energy.

As batches of Cosmic Cookies often test at 26% THC content or higher, using caution when dosing with this strain is recommended. For experienced cannabis consumers, however, Cosmic Cookies can quickly become a repeat purchase, as it provides well-rounded effects that compliment tasty and easy-burning bud.

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