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These days everything can be found online. Whether it’s news, remedies, or the name of your newest THC strain, the internet has it covered. It’s a time saver, an extension of knowledge. Whenever we need it, it’s there. But, With all this information so easily available we often fall into a limbo land of confusion. What are the sources? And where are the sources getting these answers from? Cannabis products have a range of varied effects depending on the user. And sometimes describing what you’re looking for can be frustrating and also intimidating.   

Imagine if there was a place you could go and not only find what you’re looking for but have a support system of educated individuals who know how to help you. I can recall so many dispensary experiences where I was left frustrated and confused about who was helping me and what I thought I needed. The Higher Path canncierges know how to guide you toward what you’re looking for based on your needs, expectations, experience, and tolerance. Welcome to the Higher path. A legal dispensary that has been operating since the Pre-ICO days with education as the core of their business.  Starting in November, shopping at a dispensary just got SO much easier.

At The Higher Path (despite already having an extremely well-trained and educated staff), you’ll be able to look up products by a list of general ailments. Anxiety, Pain, Intimacy, Sleep, High Tolerance, and women’s Wealth. Within each ailment, you have product categories that can help. Flower, Edible/Beverage, Extract, Topical, Tincture, etc. But it doesn’t just stop there, each product has been carefully chosen based on its cannabinoid ratio, terpene percentage, and years of research from brands and their loyal customers’ feedback.  From flower to topicals, suppositories, edibles, and vape pens. Whatever you prefer as your consumption method, the highly (no pun intended) Higher Path staff can walk you through exactly what you need, and why you need it. Because let’s face it there’s nothing worse than walking into a dispensary for period cramps and asking for a product to help, then getting a budtender who has no idea what to recommend. 

For those of you who are hands-on (like me), you’re able to walk into their beautiful shop and discover all the product options they offer. Yes! You can actually pick the product up and feel it, and read the packaging. For their general ailments, there are designated shelves that display all the recommendations in an easy-to-understand way.

Of course, nothing is promised to fix whatever ailment you’re dealing with, BUT they start you on the right path and direction to where less pain is a possibility.  And for all the introverts out there, you don’t even need to speak to a budtender!

Cannabis online shopping has never been so easy. On their menu, you can search per ailment to find which products they suggest.

Or, you can utilize their Help Desk option and speak to a budtender via live chat, or speak on the phone. They can even put an order together for you.

Can it get any easier? Stop by The Higher Path today and find out! 

Be sure to check out this blog post that really goes into detail about the ailment wall!

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