High Holiday: The Best Danksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is almost here, and in the age of recreational legalization, there are more opportunities to craft a delicious infused meal than ever before. Whether you’re settling down to a meal for one or inviting some of your pandemic bubble friends over, these versatile infused recipes are guaranteed to suit any occasion. Here’s everything you need to know to get started on concocting your own Danksgiving feast.

Buzzy Turkey

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What would Danksgiving be without an edible turkey? In the age of recreational legalization, it’s more than possible to infuse the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving meal with a delightful cannabis high. The turkey itself is difficult to make “edible”, but all of its associated trimmings can be imbued with the power of cannabis to create a buzzy meal.

Danksgiving Mashed Sweet Potatoes

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Mashed potatoes are a staple of any Thanksgiving get-together, but infused mashed sweet potatoes can serve as a vital addition to a Danksgiving feast. Cannabutter is the key ingredient in transforming this sweet potato-based treat into an edible product, though THC-rich gravy offers an alternative approach to infusion.

While these edible sweet potatoes may be delicious, remember to dose properly when enjoying them. You can adjust the amount of cannabutter employed to your tastes, as the amount featured in the recipe is just a suggestion based on the typical serving for an individual for low to moderate tolerance.

Danksgiving Biscuits and Gravy

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What good is any Thanksgiving meal without biscuits and gravy? Now your Danksgiving gathering can be extra special, as infused biscuits are a simple and effective way to lend a cannabis-based kick to any elaborate dinner. The recipe especially comes in handy for those situations in which you want to enjoy your meal with edibles, but prefer to leave flavorful cannabis out of your other dishes.

With versatility in mind, this recipe allows you to employ cannabis in crafting the gravy, the biscuits, or both, so keep your cannabutter and infused oil handy. Making edible biscuits along with edible gravy is a good way to double your THC intake, but inexperienced cannabis consumers should heed caution before digging in.

Infused Apple Cider

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Apple cider is an excellent fall treat on its own, but infused apple cider can be even more satisfying. While beverages are somewhat less effective than other edibles owing to the non-solubility of THC, they can still serve as an ideal means of dosing for those with low cannabis tolerance.

Breaking out the cannabis cider at your next Danksgiving feast is sure to impress any in attendance. Keep in mind, though, that the quality of your infused apple cider is determined by the brand (or ingredients) you use to craft it. If it’s within your budget, splurging on high-quality cider will reap the best results.

Ready to get started crafting your feast? You can nab some great buds to infuse butter or oil at our Sherman Oaks dispensary. Or use a tincture to add some THC to anything you wish! Check out our online menu now to see what’s in stock.

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