Books and Buds: Summer Reading Favorites to Add to Your List

While summer is a time for getting some sun, hanging out in the pool and going on outdoor adventures, it can also be a great opportunity to catch up on intellectual pursuits. When paired with a refreshing beverage and perhaps the right cerebral strain of cannabis, there are few better ways to pass the time than with a good book. To sate your literary curiosity, we’ve selected a few choice options for summer reading that will excite the mind, along with some premium strains to accompany them.


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As the first of the Himba people to get accepted into an intergalactic University, Binti heads off for this rite of passage only to have her ship attacked by the Meduse. Nnedi Okorafor won the Nebula and Hugo Award for Best Novella for this story, the first in the Binti series.

Strain pairing: Skywalker OG is an equally mind-bending strain that is more than capable of lending an added jolt of euphoria to your summer reading. After a few puffs of Skywalker OG, one almost immediately begins to be uplifted into a creative and relaxed state of mind that will prompt deep thoughts on your reading material.

Wolf in White Van

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From acclaimed singer-songwriter John Darnielle comes Wolf in White Van, a psychological thrill-ride through the mind of a fantasy fiction fanatic. With homages to a plethora of media both past and present, Wolf in White Van becomes an essential summer reading selection for any who feel like dipping their toes into a completely unique literary experience.

Strain pairing: Grab some White Fire and prepare for a wild ride! This tangy vape will keep you clued in to what’s happening and take your excitement up a notch with this popular pageturner.

Cat’s Cradle

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Kurt Vonnegut is known as one of the greatest American writers, and despite its novella-esque length, Cat’s Cradle towers as a testament to that reputation. With a plot that is almost too bizarre to describe centered around the designer of the atomic bomb and his dysfunctional family, Cat’s Cradle slowly reveals itself as a journey into the mind of a genius.

Strain pairing: Girl Scout Cookies will help you sink into this story and bring it to life. Find yourself living in this alternate universe that only Vonnegut could’ve created.

Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution

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Source: Good Reads

For those in search of summer reading that descends from the non-fiction category, Simon Schama’s Citizens is difficult to beat. The tome consists of nearly a thousand pages, but each one draws the reader further into the chaos and fervor of the French Revolution, chronicling the events of that age in unrivaled detail.

Strain pairing: King Louis OG may take its name from the overthrown French king, but its indica effects stand out on their own. Over the years, the strain has become known as one of the go-to cannabis selections suitable to almost any situation.

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