Women Owned & Women Focused Cannabis Products You Should Know About

There are a lot of fierce women in the cannabis industry: CEOs, Product Innovators, and more behind the scenes. Plus, there are tons of great cannabis products made just for women. Today, we want to highlight some of our favorite women-owned cannabis products and women-focused cannabis brands. Check these out!

16 Women-Owned Cannabis Products & Brands You Should Try Today


Leune is a brand that seeks to transcend traditional cannabis culture by offering products with high aesthetic value and uncompromising quality. Leune specializes in producing high-quality flower, premium prerolls, and all-in-one vaporizer units.

Kush Queen

Kush Queen produces a wide range of unique cannabis products including topicals, chewy gummies, therapeutic tinctures, and of course, their infamous bath bombs. Made by women, for women, these are some of our favorite women-owned products.

women owned cannabis products

Cosmic View

Founded by a mother-daughter team with a personal story of cannabis healing, Cosmic View produces a range of pure and organic cannabis products based on science and research. Cosmic View features an impressive lineup of pesticide and solvent-free therapeutic tinctures, topicals, and edibles.



Dreamt features a range of cannabis products that have been scientifically designed to aid sleep and combat insomnia. Their lineup includes a sleep pen, sleep tincture, sleep shot (liquid), and sleep gummies.


Potli is a unique brand that specializes in producing CBD-infused honey, and sometimes even a limited-time chili oil. These products are a great addition to any kitchen that will help you medicate while still treating your taste buds.

Stone Road

Stone Road is known for producing high-quality sun-grown cannabis flower. Their small-batch, organic approach to farming ensures that their 57-acre off-grid farm consistently churns out some of the best naturally-grown cannabis around.


Juniper’s sun-grown cannabis flower is watered with natural spring water and cured by the beautiful coastal climate. The final product is mouth-wateringly delicious cannabis buds that will keep you coming back for more!

Miss Grass

Miss Grass produces a range of premium THC and CBD flower sold on its own or conveniently rolled into prerolls. Get ready for some premium nugs and hard-hitting prerolls!

women owned cannabis products

Dr. Norms

Dr. Norm’s is a brand that prides itself on producing consistently safe, reliable, and delicious cannabis edibles. Family recipes and high-quality ingredients come together to produce an unforgettable edible experience with every bite.

Emerald Sky

Emerald Sky has gained quite a reputation for producing delicious and all-natural cannabis-infused edibles. Their unique edible lineup includes gummies, hard fruit drops, licorice, peanut butter cups, and cream-filled chocolate cookies.

Garden Society

Garden Society have put their gardening skills to work producing a lineup of super high-quality cannabis prerolls, hash-infused prerolls, and artisan-crafted cannabis-infused chocolate edibles.


Kikoko specializes in producing premium organic cannabis products for wellness. Made with organic and sun-grown cannabis, their unique teas, honeyshots, mints, and tinctures are designed to promote calm, sleep, focus, energy, and play.


Mellows are one-of-a-kind cannabis-infused marshmallows. Each batch is whipped up by hand and crafted with love and passion for the plant! Imagine how amazing a smore made from Mellows would be!


Plus produces a range of best-selling cannabis-infused gummies in a variety of THC to CBD ratios. Don’t forget to try their microdose mints and full-spectrum cubes too!

Yummi Karma

Yummi Karma features several award-winning cannabis tinctures and topicals designed with wellness in mind. Available in a variety of flavors and ratios.

women owned cannabis products

My Best Bud

My Best Bud specializes in producing a range of cannabis tinctures designed specifically for pets.

You can find these women-owned cannabis products and women-focused brands and plenty more at our Sherman Oaks dispensary!

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